Two Meatballs: Explore the Future!

Hi everyone!


The universe is telling us that change is on the horizon and we are going to go with it!!! It’s time.


We got very hooked on a one track path to healthy and now we need to explore our options.  We are both feeling a little defeated, uninspired and overwhelmed!


We are going to take the next two weeks for Sara’s lungs to keep healing, for us find new exciting ways to stay active, find more ways to connect to each other and ourselves and really just looking for the inspiration and drive we need to push us forward.  We are saying goodbye to the “back on track” mentality because we don’t want to go backwards we want to move forward and words are powerful.  We are bored with ourselves


so we know you must be bored with us!!!  Yeah right, we’re adorable!


We also want to be less goal obsessed and enjoy the process and take some of the pressure off.  This is the rest of our lives afterall!


Which brings us to our next topic…the weigh ins!  We love these, especially when things are going well. But, it takes about week out of the month to plan, execute, shoot, shop, edit, upload and write the posts!  That really makes us feel like we only have 3 weeks to show progress and as you know lately there hasn’t been any…so sad!


So we are going to start quarterly weigh ins!!!  We feel really excited to actually see and feeeel some progress and feel less pressure and find the fun again!


Our next weigh in will be November 1st and we are pumped to explore all the world has to offer and get to know ourselves and what we want a little better.  So thank you for everything and we can’t wait to tell you all we’ve discovered on August 4th.  Enjoy your summer and we will see you on Instagram!


Miss you already!


These Meatballs are feeling powerful and inspired!  It feels so nice to feel reconnected and on the same page.   Love wins.



  1. So wait….no post until August 4th?????!!!!! What will I do with my life?????!!!! JK sort of, winky face! I hope you heal and find all the inspiration and passion!!! You guys deserve a break! And I think quarterly weigh ins is so smart!! But I miss you already! And no one could ever be over you guys! Ya’ll look fantastic and I love you so much!!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Change requires preparation. I like this post about being willing to seek new avenues to finding success in healthy living. Whatever goal you set for 2016 be sure to take time to prepare yourself mentally for the transition.

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