Two Meatballs: i love to hate you!!!

hey, it’s jenny.   dont you have that one person in your life that gets to see your pissed off side the most? For me……this “safe person” as I like to call it, is My husband Brandon.   I can sometimes be most quiet around him.  I can come home from work and start unwinding immediately, so much so that I forget that a simple hug when I get home, makes all the difference in the world.  Physical touch is not my love language .  And human interaction can sometimes be the last thing I wAnt after a long exhausting day.  What I m not saying to him is ………work was frustrating, I still see the garbage sitting out, my weight loss sucks, I need to work out, we need to save money, our future is weighing on my mind,  London is sick and up all night,  I have a hair splinter in my foot, I should shave my legs tonight, you hang out with your friends a lot, and what the fuck is that smell?!?!?!

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-14-20-26-14.png  So yeah, my body language sucks.  and guess what….he is not dumb….he knows!!!!!!!


I can can get a little to comfortable in this state.  It is hard then to get out of the weird funk!!!  I don’t hate Brandon, I love him, but some how becomes my target of frustration.


This is just the beginning of poor communication.  So on top of this. Brandon and I are usually pretty good at letting the other have down time on their own.  My time has always been spent either at the gym, or an easy going girls night in!  Where we literal sit n the couch, laugh our asses off or get into the greatest conversations of all time.

I have been pretty good at giving Brandon the same respect and time.  But for some reason lately when I have been at home  this is the image I imagine when Brandon is out with the guys.



and sometimes wake up to this



I have not reason to be mad.  Everything is fine.  Why do I have so much resentment????   And not value is down time?  Is it because Brandon is doing exactly what he wants On his own time?    While my time is spent sometimes just checking things off a list.  Well all of these feelings came to a boiling point as we were sitting on the couch in my pissed off state of mind.

As soon as the communication  Was in full swing,  I began to remember Brandon is on my team!!  He reminded me I need to do things that make me happy.  When he asked me what made me happy,  the first thing I said was, my health!!  Funny thing,  that makes Brandon happy too!  It is easy to forget you do have things incommon.  In my dream world Brandon and I would spend our time working out together!!



It would be so fun.  But it just doesn’t work for our schedules.  We both thought this would be a great way to reconnect.  Well if we can’t work out together, I want to invest more in my health.  So Brandon encouraged me to check out this place called, orange theory.  It looks like something I would really like.




This looks like the kind of workout, that would get me excited again! I’m so over going to the gym and doing the same old shit.  And I am kind of ready to invest more in my health, these days.

Soo I would I love to make orange theory happen.

Why do I always forget to talk about everything??  As soon as we put our guns down, we are actually really great at communicating.  Ahhhhhhh…. Hopefully we can arrive at this peaceful and harmonies place faster in the future.    So as far as Brandon and I, we decided to start a book club.  And I get to pick the first book!!  We are both “unique”  readers, so two chapters a week right now, is the expectation.  We both like reading, but our distractions make us forget that.  So soon our evenings may look, a little more like this.



These talks are so important.  I instantly felt refreshed and at peace.  I love knowing why I married this guy.  My cheerleader in life!  The next morning, Brandon even checked in with me, to know if there was anything else I had thought of to do in my spare time to make happy.  Support is everything!!  And so is communication.. I hate when we get so far away from it!!!!  Well my big take away is…do you!!!!   It is not being selfish.  It’s staying  healthy.   Love u B!! Brandon thanks for letting me air out our dirty laundry on here!!!


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