Two Meatballs: Cramming in Time with Your Meatball Before She Leaves for Vacay!

Jenny is leaving Wednesday to go to Sam and Taylor’s wedding in San Diego with her sweet little family!  Sam and Taylor make up 1/3 of Team Dunkel (Brandon and Jenny, myself and Joseph round out the team) and are two of my favorite peeps on earth!  I will be there in spirit!  So what is a meatball to do when her better half is traveling halfway across the world for a week!?  I go on vacation all the time and it’s different when I go out of town bc I’m off doing fun things! haha but now Jenny will be living it up and I will be missing her oh so much! Time to spend all the time we can together before the Smiths take California!  Wednesday night we cooked together as you’ll remember!


Then Thursday night we raided h&m together for weigh in outfits!  We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures!

Then we started off the weekend right by running into each other at Whole Foods!


And we obvi rode together to the shoot!



Then right after the weigh in shoot we treated ourselves to our monthly free meal!  We had our favorite…brunch, at our favorite…Coquette!



These were my Facebook memories this morning.  Two years ago to the day in nyc…man we have changed.



Any who, back to the present…We were hippie’d out so we must have looked like the two most hungover, socialite wanna-bees that Raleigh ever saw!  #hilarious We didn’t want to completely blow all of the hard work we put in last month so we ordered somewhat sensibly!  We both chugged a gallon of water after sweating our asses off during the shoot!


I had the steak sandwich and Jenny had the eggs Benedict.


We sent the bread away!  We chatted it up and got super motivated to take over the world.  Ugh I love being together.


Then we gave ourselves our once monthly cupcake and y’all it was heaven.  Look how beautiful!


She tried the honey lavender and I had my strawberry lemonade!





Isn’t North Carolina the prettiest!?  I love this time of year!


Then we switched our workout with Sandra to Monday since Jenny will be gone Thursday!  And it was a motherfucking woozy doozy. #heyblackoutitssaraillberightthere

We did it all…treadmills. intervals. trx. planks. squat jumps. arms. legs. core. pushups. superman. lunges. hip dips. death.



Oh, sorry…I had to have an out of body experience to make it through this amazingly challenging workout! #sandyispumpedonmondays Back to reality!



We survived and we did it together!  We can be soooooo good for each other!


And who doesn’t love this face!


Book with her today! Bye for now Jenny!!!  Enjoy your much needed vacay!  I miss you already!!!! #teammeatball #meatballnation #meatballin’ #amazeballs



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