Two Meatballs: Perspective from a Retrospective!

Y’all!  We have officially survived 15  weigh ins.  Neither of us are where we want to be much less  where we thought we would be. Buuuuut, the one huge difference is, we are still hustling towards our goals.  We have stayed on this journey for 16 months.  That is the longest I have committed to anything…EVER! We didn’t quit.  Even when it has gotten tough and things weren’t going the way we wanted, we stayed the course.


I’m not sure either one of us knew what we were getting in to starting this blog.  We were going to name it…I’m With Fatty and have a picture of us pointing at each other with a 90’s sitcom “can you believer her” face.  #stilllovethatname #sothankfulwedidntgothatdirection Some days its hard, overwhelming, aggravating, depressing, the last thing on our minds, but most days, its uplifting, inspirational, motivational, necessary, the single biggest contributing factor to our success.  We are hard on ourselves because we expect a lot from ourselves and we know what we are capable of.  We also feel like we have a lot of people depending on us.  But more than anything we are INCREDIBLY proud of ourselves.


So if you are new to the blog, or if you are a long time reader, here is a little trip down memory lane.  This is Jenny from the beginning to now!

wpid-mycollage_57.pngwpid-mycollage_244.pngwpid-img_20150128_180834.jpgwpid-photo_2015-03-01_10-50-48_am.jpg wpid-photo_2015-06-01_10-14-12_pm.png

And the stunner…weigh in one to now!



Jenny, your confidence is as gorgeous and you are.  You are such a kind sweet friend and I’m so lucky to be doing this incredibly hard thing with my best friend.  Everything is so much more fun, hilarious and livable together. Xoxo

This is my past 15 months in pictures!



Here’s the big one!  Weigh in one to now!



I love this crazy ride.  Doing things like this gives me so much perspective.  It is so easy to focus on the negative but it really gets you nowhere.  We have come so far.  There is no looking back and we have the rest of our lives to save our own lives.  On to the everything is better together segment!



The past three months have been so up and down…literally…I made two of them!


And here is the start to now!


Ahhhhh!!!!  Ok, it’s real now.  We have come so far.  Here are some of my favorite shots from that museum!  Thanks again Tiffy!  You are so talented!



What a fun day.  We are so grateful to be doing this.  Thank you for reading and reaching out.  You tell us all the time that we inspire you and we are so happy to do so, but it’s really us who need y’all!  You keep us going when we want to quit.  You tell us it’s going to be ok.  You tell us to be nice to ourselves.  You tell us to get back on track.  You help us so much more than you’ll ever know and we could never thank you enough.  Xoxo times a mil.


In closing, we had another first and I just don’t know how to feel about it.  We promote our weigh in posts on Facebook in hopes to get our message of body acceptance and love out further into the world.  For the first time in 15 months, we were denied for promoting an “idealized physical image”. I don’t even know what that means?!  Like, you don’t like our filters!?  You think my 280 pound body is what the masses are striving for?  Our stretch marks and cellulite are too appealing?!  I know it’s not bc we are scantily clad bc we have been every other weigh in until now.  So whats the deal Facebook?  Am I to believe that you are considering Jenny and myself to be the ideal body type, bc if that is the case let me kiss you right on the mouth.  But it’s hard for me to believe that you are so evolved Fb!  Get your shit together and help us spread the word. #quitcockblockinFB


#toohotforfacebook #effyourbeautystandards #everyoneusesfiltersassholes #lookbacktoour4thweighinwewerelegitnaked

I wrote this post Monday night.  Tuesday at 5 I received this response from Facebook.


What a relief!  It’s too much pressure to be the ideal physical specimen of the world! hahahahahaha thanks everyone who reached out and supported our cause!  Also, one last note!  My favorite blogger Garner Style made my whole entire life today!


I’m  in love with her and her style…obvi cause i copped it big time for the shoot!  Feeling super pumped!  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


  1. I really, really, really LOVE the photos that you ladies take. Your confidence just shines through (even in the earlier pics!), and that’s really something to be admired. You both make me wish that I had taken or that I should be taking more photos to document my own journey! Thanks for always being so willing to put yourselves out there! ❤

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