Two Meatballs: Are we that couple?!?!

This weekend Sara and I got all dolled up, kissy faces and all, so I could get a redo at meeting Zan at Poole’s.   And he was awesome and completely adorable…..just as I remembered him?!?!?!

wpid-20140823_205540.jpg   wpid-img_20140823_230757.jpg


The food was yummy and the atmosphere reminded us of our nights spent in NYC together!




wpid-img_365727440945416.jpeg   wpid-img_366096621687018.jpeg


This is our buddy Sammmmmmm!!!

Sooooooooo when Brandon and I met 9 years ago our relationship was very different.   Sleep all day, drink all night, ya know?!?!  We did late night drive thrus and only worked to make enough money to drink.  It was such a fun time and incredeably unhealthy. I always knew I would change as I got older, but I was never certain Brandon would cHange in that way.  When you are young and in love u don’t think about these things.   I thought I would be the same, and hoped Brandon would never change.  Haha.  So dumb!!!!!!  Wellll I have changed every single year to say the least. And the deeper I get into this lifestyle change I sometimes wonder how this will affect our relationship?!?!  I am passionate these day about physical and mental growth.  I want to be a better person when I grow up I guess!! And I think Brandon does too which is the best part.  It is really scary when you are finding yourself all over again and you hope your partner still likes this different person and that you still share interest together.    We never worked out together.  That was not our relationship.  I am so lucky that this relationship has evolved the way it has.  We are both changing at about the same pass. Thank goddddd!!   Sooooo Brandon suggested we start our weekend with a 2 mile run up to Starbucks!  We both would like to run a 5k so we are starting now…..well I have learned running outside in the world is much different then going to the gym.

here I am getting ready for our run!



It was really hard!!!! We will definitely have to work up to it.  And I am so glad we are in this together.  We both really need each other to push the other harder.   So we have decided we will do this every Sunday together in preparation of our 5k together.   So since we were both feeling so “awesome” after our run we walked around the flea market and found these gems!

wpid-20140824_120938.jpg    wpid-20140824_120908.jpg

The flea market always presents such great material!!!

Closing thoughts……….life is good.  I’m feeling super grateful for every experience we are presented!  Some of our home chores have fallen off a little bit, but I feel like we are gaining so much right now.  The couple that plays together stays together…right?!?!   We are become such a strong team and I love it.  Brandon has always said I say, I ,I ,I and should be saying we…….and for the first time I’m feeling the  WE.  I hope we can always respect each other’s ability and need for change and do it all together!

weigh in is here!!!!!! Make sure you stay posted to see our results in the next few days!! Love you guys!!!




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