Two meatballs: Welcome to the gun show!

Heyyyyyyy, we worked out with Sandra this week!!!!!!!!!! We love seeing her every week! She is always switching  up our workouts  and full of encouragement.  Love you Sandy!!!

Soooo now on to the workout………….my fucking arms were on fire!! But they are looking tight!!!  This work out was mostly arms and some cardio.  Well here we are before we went in!

wpid-20140828_074855.jpg  wpid-20140828_074840.jpg


And then it was on to the gun  show!!!!

We started with 10lbs weights, high rows and then lifted to our sides for 10 reps.





wpid-20140828_082927.jpgThen 10 squats with high arm raises



Then10 lunges with full arm extensions.



Then tilt forward and lift to the sides for 10


wpid-20140828_083226.jpg wpid-20140828_083229.jpg

Then 15 tricep dips



Then 10 bicep curls



10 lunges with tricep back extensions

wpid-20140828_083358.jpg wpid-20140828_083401.jpg


Then 10 palms out lift to the shoulder things?!??



Then step ups for a min


wpid-20140828_083557.jpg wpid-20140828_083606.jpg


Then squats



Then another minute of step ups and then repeated this sequence four times!  Woooof it was awesome!

We did our measurements at this session too!!!!!!

wpid-20140828_080224.jpg wpid-20140828_080312.jpg.wpid-20140828_080347.jpg


wpid-20140828_080454.jpg wpid-20140828_080435.jpgwpid-20140828_080126.jpg wpid-20140828_080645.jpgwpid-20140828_080835.jpgwpid-20140828_080932.jpg wpid-20140828_080939.jpgwpid-20140828_081050.jpgwpid-20140828_081144.jpg

And here are the numbers!!

So since July Sara has lost 19.75inches!!!!!

wpid-20140828_081732.jpg Nuts!!!

And Jenny has lost 7.5 inches!! so great!!!!!

It is always great working out with your best friend!!! And Our Weigh In post will be posted on Septemeber 2nd, due to the holiday weekend…Have fun!!!  See you guys here soooonn!!!  xoxo we love you guys!



  1. I can’t wait for the weigh in!!!! You guys look amazing! And Jenny it’s hilarious that you’re still not much taller than my sweet little sister even standing on the bench!!! Love you meatballs!!!!

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