Two Meatballs: Yummy Dinner…Yuckkkkkkky Dessert!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!  So what’s more fun for a date night…than a cooking segment!?! Haha!  Instead of me and Jenny winging it…my adorable chef offered to show me a thing or two!  He is great and sooo talented at what he does. Everything that he makes is delish times a mil and he is super thoughtful when it comes to my paleo needs!  I wanted to contribute something besides my adorable self to the evening so I signed up to make mocktails and a paleo dessert.  What’s on the menu you ask!?  A Thai Peanut marinated pork tenderloin, Asian stir fry, chocolate chip coconut cookies and sparkling raspberry lime coolers.  First off…a beverage!


He has a little bar cart with adorable glasses, so I grabbed two, a trader joe’s sparkling raspberry lime drink, a couple of ice cubes, a handful of raspberries, lime wedges and mint from Zan’s yard!  He got to muddling and viola!




Then he marinated the pork loin in soy sauce , thai peanut sauce, ginger and garlic  and fired up the grill #sohot


While I started haphazardly making the cookies!


Here is the recipe…


The pork was finished…so he moved on to the stir fry…is there anything hotter than someone cooking for you!?! #no


For the stir fry, he heated up sesame oil and threw in some garlic and onions, then carrots, mushrooms, jalapenos I think, then cabbage. The also tossed in some of that thai peanut sauce, soy sauce., sirracha and some water!!!  Look at yummy this little plate came together!!!


Everything was soooooooooooooo good!  I mean the pork was so juicy but had a nice crust on the outside and the stir fry was just the right amount of spicy #nailedit

Then we tried my cookies…


annnnnnnnnd they were the driest thing that has ever existed! #fail-eo  They needed butter…and sugar…and milk and anything that would have added moisture.  He was kind and said that they weren’t THAT bad…but they were! Haha…guess I should just leave it to the professional huh!?  Best night ever…thanks for dinner Zan!!!! I even had leftovers for work!!!





  1. Amazing!! I agree: there’s nothing hotter than someone who cooks for you!! Nice catch 😉 as always, you look absolutely adorable!

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