Two Meatballs: Hellloooooo Greenport NY!!!

wpid-20140912_063033.jpg   wpid-20140912_063027.jpg


Ok so it is 6:20am at RDU and London is so pumped for her first flight!!!!   Oh and so is Brandon!!!!! His 2nd flight.

wpid-20140912_064332.jpg  wpid-20140912_092339.jpg We had to change after the flight!!!


So exciting!!!! We are headed to Greenport NY to celebrate my cousin Susan’s marriage!!!!  Before we got to the wedding we had to stop in Franklin square Ny to visit my 96 year old grandma who hadn’t met London before!!!!  I couldn’t wait together them together.  We all had lunch at my aunt Lorraine’s house. And my cousin Kirstin and her son Dominique were there too!!

wpid-20140912_160826.jpgwpid-20140912_160840.jpg wpid-20140912_160732.jpgwpid-20140912_160721.jpg


We were having the best time!



But it was time to go and so hard to say goodbye to my sweet grandma!  After that we went for a drive down memory and visited our first home when my sister and I were little!


After two hours driving north we finally got to Greenport  and it was adorable!!!!!!!!   So

we started our weekend off with some Blt Bloody Mary’s!!!!! Delicioussssss!!!! Yeah there is bacon in there! My husbands dream.


And of course we had to get lobster in this fisher mans  town!



And then we spent the next day just playing in the cutest fucking town on earth.


wpid-screenshot_2014-09-16-21-14-49.png  wpid-screenshot_2014-09-16-21-15-39.png wpid-screenshot_2014-09-16-21-15-17.png   London could not get enough of this  carousel!!!wpid-screenshot_2014-09-16-21-16-17.png



wpid-20140913_095240.jpg  It was a windy sunny 70 degrees! Peeeerrfect!


On to the wedding!!!! It was so much fun seeing fam as usual.  They can be a rowdy bunch!! You know fun loving crazy Italian family!! I’m sure you can imagine. And I totally ate my way through this wedding and this weekend in general.  And it felt so damn  good.  Maybe because I knew I would come home and get back to work.   Or maybe because I felt like I deserved to cut loose a little!!  But it was always on my mind.  And then I just said fuck it I’m going for it.   And my family was so supportive! And are keeping up with blog which is amazing!!!

wpid-img_28313005593607.jpeg   wpid-20140913_165739.jpgwpid-20140913_190313.jpg wpid-20140913_191650.jpgwpid-20140913_191657.jpg




Then  it was time to go and I was in a food coma and starting to fall apart.   But not London she put on a show at the airport! Such a mood booster.




Brandon and I were both ready to get back home and workout!!! I really missed it and started feeling bloated from all this food.  I was so grateful my body already knows better and wants to be better. This foody weekend was really good for us I think we definitely got any food cravings out of our system!! I’ve never wanted greens so bad.  Not to mention our weigh in is around the corner!  These damn months just fly by, mother bitch! So make every meal count and work out!!i had the best weekend!! Loved seeing my family.  Love you guysssssss! Muahhh









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