Two Meatballs: Fort Macon-Me Crazy!!!

Did you guys know that I love the beach!?!  And my family?!? Annnd adventures!?!  #duh Gahhhhh, I really needed this vacation.  For the first time ever, I took 2 weeks off of work with my family and rented a little getaway at our favorite place in Salter Path, NC.  I love going to the beach in the fall and especially with these fun people!!!  Look at this happy bunch…


But what do you do when there is a three day gully washer and super overcast skies in paradise!?


After lots of coffee trips to our favorite spot, 4J’s we decided that the cabin fever had taken over. #igot99problemsandtheyareallrain


Unfortunately for most of the rainy days we ate constantly #ohnotheweighin and hibernated…but on this magical day we had a brilliant idea and knew we had to get out of the house, the Beards trekked it out to Fort Macon…the living funnest historically rich favorite pastime of ours!


This was literally the first moment that we got here…let the fun begin…am I right ladies!?



There is sooo much to explore here!!!  Obvi the kids love it buuuuut I would go out on a limb here and say that the grown ups are just as excited!


We learned all about how food was rationed and what the mess hall looked like…


We pretended to be in jail…


Tried to shove Wyatt and Kelly in the oven #familytradition…



Wind sprints down an enticingly long hallway #activitypoints #burningoffIcecream


More exploration…


Seeing how the soldiers slept firsthand…


A little more jackassing around for good measure #kelandiaresittinginaclamshellbutyoucanttellatallllll…


Can you tell that we like having a good time!?!  My family is my world!!!  This next group of pics is why I’m sooo in love with them.  Bring on the historical re-enactment in a museum gift shop…



Kelly and I trying so hard to look solemn…I just can’t do it!!! #notnailingit #laughingismyfavorite



Then we found some family photo opportunities!!!





What a fun day!!!  You guys should for sure go to Fort Macon if you find yourself on the coast!  I love you guys!!!  Miss you!




  1. Fort Macon – me crazy!!!! Ha ha ha! You so smart Mo!!! Uggggg I miss you guys! We had so much fun as always!! Love you so much!!!
    PS the bonnets are my favorite!!!!!!!!

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