Two Meatballs: Tha Dini!!! How you doin shuuugg?!?

Ok guys so this going to be short and …..short today.  So enough said…..let’s see how Brandon did this month!!!



So I’m not exactly thrilled about being up 6 lbs as you can see in this pic.  I am also not surprised to see my numbers up .  September was full of challenges! We traveled to New York to see jenny”s family and I traveled to see my family. I didn’t always make the best decisions.  But I still feel very committed to my long term goals.  Hopefully next month I will do better. Seeing these numbers was disappointing but it really puts weight loos/ lifestyle into perspective!  It sucks knowing you kinda busted ass some days this month and totally discredited them the other days. Ahhhhhh ! I’m ready for October and ready to do things differently!!

Hey it’s Jenny!  I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for there incredible support during this journey.  The  support  means the world to us.  Its defintely becoming a ” pay it forward” type thing for me.  I feel extremely connected to the journeys going on around me.  I’ve learned that the struggle of weight loss and body image lives in so many people.  And the more I talk about it in my own present life the more freeing and appreciative of myself I become!   So thank you for allowing me to discover all these things with you guys!   And I had the best birthday ever!!!!!!  Thank you for all the love…I felt it!!!!  I’m 30 !  I hope ever year feels like this . The salon owners Jack and Joelle, were so thoughtful and got me a perfect paleo fruit tray and dark chocolate!!!!  I love them!!!! And our entire team.  Joelle years ago said, ” what does 30 look like to you”?  And it always stuck with me and I swear I could have built a pinterest board around the topic.  So thank you Joelle for always being full of inspiration! You are my Oprah!  These holiday months coming up are going to be hard work. Focus focus focus is what I hear in my head!!  Love you guys!!! Muahhhhhh


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