Two Meatballs: OctoberFEAST?!?!?

So you guys this month has been full of food. Since my birthday i haven’t been able to get it fully back together. My work weeks have been full of meat, veggies, and fruits.  My weekends have been full of activities and food decision making ! Exhausting!!!  I still feel connected to my health and fitness goals, but I feel my self testing my own limits.  I always have a way of convincing myself that my body and how it processes food has changed.  I lose a significant amount of weight and all of a sudden I  think I won’t  gain weight. Why……… I don’t know!!!!!! I am so logical ! I know I will, do I love playing with fire? Or am I addicted to my weight lose struggle?!? I really don’t want to sabotage myself.   Its nuts…….my food habits change and it amazes me how soon after I realize how much less I want to workout!!!!  Wtf !! Not to mention……… My bedroom is disorganized and full of new clothes.  Is this all related?!?  It’s just a big red flag screaming……..Jennnyyy. Get it together!!!!!!  So here we are blissfully eating our seaweed salads…….pretty healthy!!!!



seaweed salad is the earths floss!!!!!!  It lives in your teeth all day!!!



And Sara being Sara !!  She is the best date!

wpid-20141014_195909.jpg   wpid-20141014_195813.jpg


We both ordered a sushi roll each.   Ok and that’s total progress for me!! In the past I definitely would gave had at least two.

wpid-20141014_200211.jpg   wpid-20141014_200219.jpg



wpid-20141014_200243.jpg   wpid-20141014_200231.jpg


Happy I had this extremely heathy water to wash down my rice and spicy mayo!!!!!!




So I am trying to stay active in my life outside of going to the gym.  So we took a family trip to hill ridge farm on the hottest October day there ever was…..woooooooofffff!!!!!   There is nothing more exhausting then chasing a 2  1/2 year old around a huge sweaty farm.






We were all wiped  out!!!!!!!!   We had the best time sweating our asses off!!!!  Well I desperately need to get through October, too many celebrations!  Ahhhhhh  this is so Ffffing hard!!!  Staying committed !!!!!!!!!! Love u guys






  1. We just took Aven to HRF on the 11th…I lost two pounds while I was there because I sweated sooo much. #mayoispaleo

  2. Great post. thanks for this!! I struggle in this same way also and I always have to have a mental battle with myself to focus. It’s hard, but we can do it AGAIN! 🙂

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