Two Meatballs: Kick Ass Come Back!!!!

I got up this morning and was making my way to Sara’s house for our weekly workout with Sandra Axmen!!!!!





love her!!!!   And Sara texted me to say she couldn’t make it!!!  She felt like total shit……enough said!!  So I’m going to do this all alone today!!!!!  Missing my meatball buddy!!!!

wpid-20141016_074641.jpg  wpid-20141016_073229.jpg

Ready to sweat!!!!!so I warmed up with a five minute jog on the treadmill……. Woolf, already feeling it!!!

Started with these step ups on the right leg and then did it on the left leg.




Then got on the boas ball and did sit ups with a weighted bar




I did this sequence 4 times.  Then 10 lbs an arm, clean presses.



And then flat ground push ups.



Next,  a shuffle side step into side lunges.




Then hen I lifted this 20lbs cylinder 12 times and then did this whole thing three times.





then I had low weights and worked something ….I don’t know?!?





Then worked my core



Then I did these damn ropes!!!!!!


wpid-20141016_083712.jpgwpid-20141016_083843.jpgwpid-20141016_083846.jpg wpid-20141016_084023.jpgwpid-20141016_084105.jpg


And some burpees



On to the TRX. My favvvvv!!!!  High rows and then  singles on each side.




And slam balls!!





Where did Sara go…,I don’t know…..I don’t know

wpid-20141016_085700.jpg  wpid-20141016_085702.jpg



We had so much fun!!! Love you Sandy









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