Two Meatballs: Comfy, cozy Clothes and Food!!!!!

Hey It’s Jenny!!!!!!  So Sara and I have total recommitted to our personal goals…….and it feels so gooood!    Literally,  I’m moving better, sleeping better, acting better, and even shitting better….who knew?!?!?!  I am just so grateful to bounce back after 3 weeks of destruction rather then 6 months, something I would have done in my past!!  This is the time I would have started back on my own ways and gained back 30lbs.   Damn it……I just know too much now. can’t go back!!!!!!   So with that said, Sara and I are getting back in the Kitchen to prepare some food for our lunches!  I loved lunch time growing up.  Sitting in the Cafeteria, and cracking up over dumb jokes and observing everyones lunches and how different they all were.  Well not much has changed, we get to sit together and talk our faces off about our yummy food and any struggles we may be having, a little bit of therapy everyday.  So Tonight on the menu……Some comfort food!  And I mean it,  it was so comfy.  this might be one of the most satisfying meals we have made.   Zucchini, Chicken and Squash Casserole!   But before we Started cooking, I told sara I was in deperate need of some more workout clothes.  So we made a Target Stop first.   So here…..enjoy these!!!

wpid-20141028_200931.jpgwpid-20141028_201641.jpgwpid-20141028_204909.jpg wpid-20141028_203054.jpgwpid-20141028_202348.jpgwpid-20141028_203627.jpgwpid-20141028_202034.jpg wpid-20141028_203311.jpgwpid-20141028_205201.jpgwpid-20141028_204220.jpgwpid-20141028_205947.jpg wpid-20141028_201653.jpg

Here is a little before and After of us in workout clothes



on to the Cassarole

Here are some directions!!!!  and just so you know we added chicken!!!  Girl needs protein yo.

wpid-2014-10-28-22.48.04.png.pngwpid-2014-10-28-22.50.24.png.png wpid-2014-10-28-22.50.47.png.pngwpid-2014-10-28-22.51.16.png.png

ready to cook!!!!

wpid-20141028_212928.jpg  These onions were burning the crap out of my eyes!!!  worst pain ever!! I lived 🙂

wpid-20141028_213302.jpgwpid-20141028_220619.jpgwpid-20141028_220457.jpgwpid-20141028_224138.jpgwpid-20141028_220619.jpg wpid-20141028_220554.jpgwpid-20141028_221027.jpg

I look so dumb!!! haha


Check out these cooking before and afters!!!

wpid-2014-10-29-00.21.31.png.png           wpid-2014-10-29-00.22.10.png.png

And then we got to work and we ate this amazing meal!!!


Ok…the Weigh in is just about here.  Make every moment count!!!!   Thank you for all of your support!  We can do this!!   Love you all!!!  XOXO  Nanci…..Thank you so much for our Comfy Goody Bags!!!!




  1. I love the cooking segments!!!!!!!
    #1 sara you look like Axl Rose
    #2 that grey dress looks fantastic on you
    #3 JENNY I love your hair

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