Two Meatballs: We’ve Lost a SANDRA!!!!!

You Guysssssssss!!!!!!!!!!  So Sara has lost 80lbs and I have lost 54lbs!!!  Together we have lost a Sandra!!!!!!!!  A Beautiful 134lbs woman!!!!!


It is absolutely nuts to think about it like that!!  So exciting and so proud!   This journey has been interesting, I have learned so much about myself.  So I know what it takes to live the healthy life,  but I struggle when my schedule dosent allow me to workout somedays.  When my day is completely over booked with obligations I become full of anxiety knowing I need to prioritize, It is so challeneging to decide that working out will not make the cut today.  I some how feel defeated and that Im not being proactive in my weight loss. I also believe this has become such an amazing outlet for me.  It has become this great alone time for me and a way to eliminate stress.  So Im trying to forgive myself for not getting my workout in.

So now on to this sweaty workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I really loved it today.  It was so gray outside and Sara and I wanted nothing more then to stay in our dark beds!!  But we made it there……….#wokeupthisway #woooooooffff


Out of the car, made it inside the building!


So as usual, we warmed up on the eliptiqual for 5mins on an incline!

Now lets do some TRX push ups!! we couldn’t stop laughing in the beginning , but that stopped quickly in the hopes to conserve energy.


Tricep (bat wing….haha carolyn) row


Squats for days!!!!! and then we did it all over again!


And then 10lbs, presses!


Triceps press


and then good ole push ups!!!  Arms and chest on fire!!!!


Wall balls!!!!


Back to the TRX,  Squat to a pull up

wpid-20141106_082555.jpgwpid-20141106_082653.jpg wpid-20141106_082905.jpg

Then a  standing low row!!!


Frogs!  Step back, walk or jump forward and clean press with weights


TRX,  Pull up in the letter Y, working the back!


The we did these heart racing squats…..together and then jump into a sumo squat


Clean presses again!!!




pulsing squats


5lbs, working on the batwings again!!!!


And then bring them forward


TRX….  I don’t know what this is called but IT HURTS!!!!

wpid-20141106_084508.jpgwpid-20141106_084510.jpgwpid-20141106_084549.jpgwpid-20141106_084554.jpg wpid-20141106_084607.jpg

sit up with 10lbs, then after 30 secs side to side for 30


Then we ended with some cardio!! went hard on the ropes!!! we switched every 20 seconds.


DONE!!!! Time to play!!!  Love you Sandra, you are truly saving and changing our lives every week!!!

wpid-20141106_0855160.jpgwpid-20141106_085535.jpg wpid-20141106_085702.jpg

wpid-20141106_085718.jpg  Everyday just gets better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!







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