Two Meatballs: (singing)Allll My Sober Ladies…alll my sober ladies!!!

Everyone kept asking me what I was going to do for my birthday and I honestly didn’t know what to say…I had never had a sober birthday before!!!  But my birthday this year could not have started ANY different than previous years!  First of all…I woke up sans hangover!  Score one.  Second, Jenny picked me up for a really challenging work out sesh with Sandra/the first segment of our Good Things interview with WRAL’s Bill Leslie!



Then I came to work in a dress that didn’t fit two days before!


#happybirthdaytome! #standingroomonlydress

And was met with birthday wishes, songs, flowers ,cards and an entire book devoted to frites!!! #thankskel!wpid-20141120_145643.jpgwpid-20141120_145733.jpgwpid-20141120_145929.jpgwpid-20141120_133812.jpgwpid-20141120_123637.jpg

And a Paleo surprise from my meatball!!!  Pumpkin Dark Chocolate bites…yum!


Then my facebook feed made me feel like one million dollars!!!


What a high a birthday is…I love being wrapped up  in this much love!!!  Then it was off to dinner with the fam…


I ate a healthy paleo dinner of chicken wings!!!  And toasted with water.  Oh how things have changed!  Then back to Kelly’s for gifts and another paleo dessert!!!  I love my family so much!


Here is the recipe for this yummy dessert Kelly made…it tasted like banana bread with chocolate chips…YUM!


Then Wyatt and I played a disgusting game of Harry Potter Jelly Bean Roulette…I lost every single time…vomit and soap were the worst!


Woooof but sooo much fun!  Then Saturday night Jenny and I had sushi and we went to the movies and saw Gone Girl!!!!  Best night ever!


What an intense movie…we literally never stopped talking!  Ugh sooo good!  Then Sunday morning my parents and my Aunt Deb and Uncle Steve took me to Coquette…shocker! #howmanyfritescanonemeatballeat!?


What a great weekend!!!  Healthy and sober birthday…who knew!?  Thanks so much for all the well wishes.  Love y’all!  Ps…don’t forget to read tomorrows post!  Jenny and I have our first tv appearance on this Friday at 5:50 pm on WRAL!!!  We’ll show you all the behind the scene stuff plus an exciting new adventure with Fleet Feet!!! Don’t miss out!


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