Two Meatballs: We Gon’ Be on TV Y’all!!!!

You guyyyys!!!  We are going to be on TV!!!!!  I mean dreams are coming true!!!!  Is this the thing that happens right before we get on Ellen!?!  So as you saw, WRAL came out and filmed our workout last Thursday!  Well….Monday morning the man himself, Bill Leslie came to the salon to interview us!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I cannot even explain the level of excitement.  This will be part of his Good Things Segment and will air next Friday, December the 5th at around 5:50pm( we thought it would be this Friday but football won!) on your local WRAL station.  Here is some behind the scenes action!
Meatballs getting mic’d (is that right at all!?)
Go time for Jenny!!!!
Showing some before pics!
It was exciting and sweaty and so totally natural all at the same time!  Bill Leslie and his camera operator Keith were amazing and hilarious and adorable!  Hopefully it turns out well and we represented ourselves accurately and we don’t Ricky Bobby our hands!!!  Ok so don’t miss it…next Friday, December 5th at 5:50pm on WRAL! We love you Bill!!!!
And again thank you so much Melinda for making this happen!  We love you! Virtual Hug!
Ok so on to our next exciting news announcement!!!
We posted a blog about Fleet Feet on May 19th (Two Meatballs: If the Shoe Fits…Buy It!) bc we work three doors down and were both in desperate need of new shoes for our new life!
 Fleet Feet always seemed kind of intimidating bc we were the furthest thing from runners…but you guys…WE HAD THE BEST EXPERIENCE! Tom and Katie took such good care of us.
And I mean look how far we’ve come!!!!  We look totally different!
We actually recreated all of these past shots for fun!  We subbed in Ryan bc Tom has left for a life of fame!!!
 We reached out to their marketing guru, Jacob and he cross promoted our blog.  And a relationship was born.  So last week after we got the great news about Bill Leslie and our start to fame…Jacob reached out and offered us an opportunity to partner up for a program they are launching in the new year called Ton of Fun!
We will be participating as well as guest blogging and possible motivational speaking!? He sent me an email of bullet points of their program and the link to sign up:
 – Starts January 3rd at Fleet Feet Raleigh
 – 12 week challenge
 – Goal is for Raleigh to lose 2,000 pounds total and have fun doing it
 – Participants get: weekly weigh-ins, e-Newsletter, closed Facebook group with access to our coaches, group workout opportunities, tips on nutrition and injury prevention, fun ideas to get moving around Raleigh, prizes, & exclusive content from the Meatballs!
 – Costs $50, but you earn it back in gift certificates if you come in for eight of the weekly weigh-ins and hit goals for weight loss. Lose 2% after eight weigh-ins = $25. Lose 5% by the end = another $25.
 – Fleet Feet also has running and walking programs that can complement the Ton of Fun Challenge. See for details.
You guys!?  How much fun does that sound???  Jenny and I will be signing up and weighing in bc it sounds like so much fun annnnnd its something new to keep us excited and engaged…we love working with our community to get healthy.  So we would love it if you guys joined us to get healthy with Fleet Feet…it’s gonna be a ton of fun!  Get it?!  Also, the grand kick off will be on January 3rd at the Wade Ave location and the Meatballs will be out in full effect along with other partners of the program!  We would love your support and we would love to get healthy with you. Here is some more info on the launch party!
 Click the link above and commit to your New Years Resolution this year!  We love you guys!  Hope you survive the holidays! We are pumped for #tonoffun


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