Two Meatballs: This is what we look like without TEETH!!!!

Sooooo In past years I never understood, why the holidays were such a hard time to stick to diets and keeping up with a healthy lifestyles.   Oh yeah that’s right…… I have never had a healthy lifestyle.  We have both given into everything we have ever wanted.  I would eat every piece of chocolate I encountered without a second thought.  All of these other sensible people actually CARED about what they were putting into there bodies.   Well guess what.. I am totally feeling the Holidays.  Like all the people who came before me, I want everything and FEEL all of these emotions about food.  I didn’t even know how food played such an important role in my holiday traditions and dare I  say happiness??? Before diving into temptations mouth first, Sara and I decided to make somePaleo treats to have during these moments…and guess what…..They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So the first recipe Came from Pinterest. It was so simple…..which is my best friend.


Dark Chocolate chips


raw almonds

dried cranberries

And basically we melted the chocolate in the microwave and spooned it out onto parchment paper.  Then topped them off with the nuts and fruit.  You can put whatever you favorite things are on the chocolate.  and then we put them in the fridge over night, to become our new favorite candy!!!microwave chocolate….. check


Get some NUTS!……oh hey there SARA!!!!


Eat some chocolate…check!!

wpid-20141216_192547.jpgwpid-20141216_192600.jpgwpid-20141216_193108.jpg wpid-20141216_193514.jpgwpid-20141216_193500.jpg

And then the funniest thing in the world happened……..We took a selfie!!  and We fucking lost our shit!!!  We had no teeth!!!!! We look like the scariest grandmas!!!!  It took us about 5 minutes to pull it back together.

wpid-20141216_193549.jpgwpid-20141216_193552.jpgwpid-20141216_193553.jpgGenuine laughter is the best!!!!!! Can you hear us laughing?!?!?!?

Continue making candy…check!


Put it in the fridge!!!!!!!! And start the timer!!!



On to the next Dessert…..we Made it up! Lets see how it goes!


Apricot Energy BALLS!!!!


2 Tbs. Apricot perserves

1 cup Almond Meal

chopped dark chocolate

Shredded coconut

Again….very easy, mix almond meal, preserves, and chocolate, and then shape them into balls and roll through coconut on a dish and place them on parchment paper in the fridge over night.  A great Sweet, filling, and energizing snack!!

wpid-20141216_194156.jpg wpid-20141216_194257.jpg wpid-20141216_194507.jpg wpid-20141216_194632.jpg wpid-20141216_194700.jpg wpid-20141216_194754.jpgwpid-20141216_194917.jpg

A romantic candle….check!


Finished BALLS


We had so much Fun!!!!!!! And it was all so yummmmmy!  Love you Sara.





  1. I was laying in bed laughing at 5:30 in the morning! The no teeth pictures are the best. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh❤️

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