Two Meatballs: Gingerbread Home is Where the Heart is!!!

Christmas is a really big deal in Apple/Beard land.  There are sooooo many traditions that our parents (ie…my mom!!!) created for us that still stand strong today.  Christmas is our mom Anna’s favorite time of year and she instilled that love in us and now  to Kelly’s kids. I love traditions!!! First, ornaments…they are a huge deal and preferably from Hallmark.


The first pic is of my mom’s tree, the second my sis, the third mine and the last one is my first ornament!  My mom, sister and myself all have extensive collections that we LOOOOOOVE!

Second, the following music is acceptable for tree decorating: A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Nutcracker or The Carpenters: Christmas Portrait #shehasthevoiceofanangel


Our stockings are def hung by the fire with care and we open those last…



We watch Santa Clause: The Movie (with Dudley Moore sp!?) every year…


And we make Christmas crafts!!!!  This little gem was made for me by my super best buddy Katie and is super relevant to todays post!!!


Mom would have us bring home our milk cartons from school and we would make gingerbread houses with graham crackers!!!  Nowadays, the kids and I have started a tradition of making gingerbread houses on a sleepover…I love my nephews #teamwomocha!!!  The two years before now were a bit cacamaymeeeee.  Year one was Chase’s first attempted sleepover.  I bought a kit to build the house but it kept falling apart and became a gingerbread shanty town!


It was sooo fun but so disappointing that it wouldn’t stay together.  So last year I felt like a genius bc I was on a strict budget and I found these really cheap pre made gingerbread man cookies…score times a thousand!!!  So I bought a bunch of icing and sprinkles and we were soooo excited!



Turns out they were dog treats….hahaha auntie fail!!!!  Truth be told, we all tried them and they tasted exactly like you would imagine…delicious!!!  jk they were really gross.  So this year as I grabbed breakfast at Whole Foods…I saw the most genius thing of life…PRE MADE GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!!  No more shanty towns or doggie treats #upgradeya and to top it off, the kids let Kelly come to the sleepover this year! Yay!!!  What’s more fun than a sprinkle candy icing fluffanutter explosion in your kitchen!?!  The answer is literally nothing!!!


You know I love a before pic! Here are our fun supplies!!!


Lets get started!!! It should be noted that Wyatt and Kelly are the same person and Chasey and I are twinnies.  Wyatt and Kelly execute a plan in the smartest way imaginable and have great ideas like the Christmas tree or pooping rat (you’ll see its coming)…Chase and I are controlled by impulse and fun…like a rogue peppermint roof stick (you’ll see its coming)!!!  No plan necessary, just glitter and sparkles and rainbows…get ready to 3 and 4 out!!!


Look at all the fun hard work…but don’t think we didn’t get a little distracted here!


Alas…the houses are done!!!  Get ready for the after!!!


One fail, one win! Then Kelly and I tried to recreate the win!


Look at this mess…




Just kidding…best night of life!!!



We wrapped the night with couchie snuggles and our very favorite show…Clarence!!!  Have you guys seen this show…ugh its the best! #sinksinksink #belsonyouclumsydork


And now we found a Clarence game #obsessed!



And no Christmas sleepover is complete without a little game called…can you drag that little mattress to the edge of your bed and cover it with pillow and can we jump on it while you belt out that new Sam Smith song (ok I added the last part but it happened…cause you don’t think I know what you’ve dooooooooone!)


Ugh!!!!  Greatest night of life!!!  I love my family and Christmas and decorating gingy houses and watching cartoons and everythinggggggg!!!!  Here’s to one last crew pic!!!  Love y’all!







  1. Womocha!!!! I love it!!! Dying laughing! 3s & 4s!!! It was the funnest night!
    Hi Sara
    I love you! Feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet!

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