i love my family

Two Meatballs: It’s Just Not Fair!!!

Lately temptation has been allllll around me!!!  I guess it’s just that time of year.  Whenever the weather gets a little colder, it just seems like a great idea to roast marshmallows around a campfire!  So that is exactly what the Beards did last week!  Safety first!!!


And a little cruising!


And a few selfies!


And now time for some fire!




What kid doesn’t love fire!?  Or marshmallows!


Or really, what adult for that matter!?


Super jelly…I have to admit that marshmallows and mor specifically S’mores are my weakness, but I won’t let my food allergies/envy hold me back from spending time with my beloved little family!


This weekend we all packed into the car early Sunday morning


#practicalbeards and arrived at the North Carolina State Fair, 2 hours before it opened. #gottagetagoodpark It was fah-reezing!!!  But we all bundled up and could not have been more excited!


We are always this matchy matchy and I love it.  I have trained the kids well, look at how happy they are to take adorable pictures!!!


And they even snapped a few of us!




We found a haunted house…


Some Oregon Trail players…#ogoffthegrid


A choppah! #yougottogetdown


Man eating praying mantis… #grasshopper #whatever


Giant Flowers!!!

Then we found ALLLLL of the games!


Wyatt won a donut and wore it as a hat allllllll day…kid after my own heart! And look how sweet he looks in my scarf!


Then we rode rides…


We even ran into Jenny and family, totally unplanned!!!  What are the chances at the FAIR!?!?!


We saw animals…


Giant pumpkins…


We Village of Yesteryear’ed it up…


And even had a Greg Fishel moment at the WRAL tent!


Soooo funnnny!!!!  And creepy. #makeito’fishel

It was such a fun day!!!  The fair can be such a slippery slope for food!!!  This is a segment called, yum yum gimme some…


This is a segment called, doing the best I can!!!


There isn’t a ton I can eat right now and I was almost positive that there wouldn’t be ANYTHING that I could eat at the fair bc literally everything has sugar in it, or something else that is on my no list.  So in preparation, I ate a big breakfast of 4 Applegate turkey sausage links (the tiny kind) and a spinach smoothie with almond butter, unsweetened coconut mil, blueberries and pineapple.  I packed myself an apple and a Larabar and that is all I had!  What a victory!  I also feel like we walked ten miles today.  Needless to say I was starving by the time we left…so I went immediately to Chipotle!


#success  Then I had such a craving for fries, bc they are my ultimate weakness, so I made my own jicama fries…food allergy solutions!  And they were amazing.  I actually had a night full of comfort food cooking.  Quinoa and Chicken sausage with spinach and shallots, sweet potato chips and roasted asparagus. I also roasted a spaghetti squash for a spicy shrimp scampi later in the week!!!  It’s certainly not fair food, but it is what I can have and I think it is delish!!!  These food allergies have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  It is much easier to abstain when I just know that I can’t have those things.  Apple freezies are my favorite thing at the fair and as Wyatt and I stood in line to get him a freezie and dad a hot apple cider, I read that there was no sugar water or chemical preservatives and for a moment I thought, oh maybe I can have this (even though I know there is so much sugar in there) and Wyatt looked at me with big eyes full of concern and said, “Don’t risk it Mo!”  Always looking out.


To my fellow Beards…OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!  What a fun day filled with love and giggles. I love you guys so much I just can’t say it enough.  #cantegtenoughofyall


I am so lucky to be a part of such a fun, loving, hilarious, supportive, sweet family.  And I hope we always feel this way about each other.  Love you all to the moon and back and then back again!!!





Two Meatballs: Straight Chillin’ with My Peeps…Get It?!

What a fun, family filled weekend!!!  Sara here.  I love Easter…I love the egg hunt, the family time, the pretty pastel colors, being at my mom’s house, having so much family around, pretending to be bunnies, decorating eggs and getting the kids so much fun stuff! It’s simply the best!!!  The day before we dyed eggs…and hands! But first we boil eggs…#ghostchasekilla #idontcarewhoyouarethatishilarious #ipatmyownback


And it’s go time…


This is the fun part!


#theworstwaytolayanegg #bagock!

Look at these dirty birds! #slayingthebirdrefernces


And look at these beauties!?



And there is always time for selfies…these kids picked out there own clothes at Old Navy and yeah…They are Kind of  A Big Deal! wink face. #whereschase!?


Honestly I love nothing more than teaching the kids how to look ridiculous!

Now, we make Bird’s Nests with Nanny!




Time for Easter!!!  What’s more fun than a treasure hunt, but first STOP…It’s Bunny Time!

wpid-20150405_125020.jpgwpid-20150405_125038.jpg wpid-20150405_125533.jpgwpid-20150405_125517.jpgwpid-20150405_125615.jpgwpid-20150405_125634.jpgwpid-20150405_125639.jpgwpid-20150405_125702.jpgwpid-20150405_125749.jpgwpid-20150405_125904.jpgwpid-20150405_130850.jpg


The adults got lunch ready and hid some eggs for the big hunt!


Map time!


The kids hide in the bedroom while we hide Wyatt’s eggs in the back yard and Chase’s in the front!



Go time!!!


So much fun!!!


And look at all they found!



It was such a beautiful day…Kelly, the kids and myself  sat around outside and talked and got a little sun…pants off!!! I was wearing a short dress over pants and I thought, how is my pale Irish ass supposed to get some vitamin D all covered up.  So the boots and pants came off.  the boys thought it was hilarious and they followed my inappropriate lead….much giggling ensued. They sold me out to the adults on the back porch by yelling Mo took her pants off to which my dad replied, What’s new!?  Hahahahahahah #nudist #wwjayzd And then we had a big conversation about what was Moappropriate and InnaMoproriate.  So damn funny and oh how I love these kids. And ps after ten minutes of sun, I am burnt to a crisp!  Nichole Lumaye called me a delicate peach!  I’ve never loved something more!  Uncle Steve, Aunt Deb, Uncle Marty and Aunt Retha all made an easterappreance! And with all the extra hands around, we got our first family photo in a longgggg time!


Ugh!!!!  I love this little family so much!  And guess what…you guys aren’t even going to believe this…we even took some silly pictures!



But this one wins…




As far as food goes…my lunch was paleo as hale!


But I for sure ate sprinkle cakes and bird nests and robins eggs! #whhhhyyyyyy



My new philosophy is be good all month and splurge al little on the holidays!

But today is a new day…time to bunny hop this weight right off.  So much fun…I LOVE MY FAMILY! I just want to yell it from the roof top!!!!  Hope your weekend was wonderful and full of love. Until next time bunnies. XOXO

Two Meatballs: Gingerbread Home is Where the Heart is!!!

Christmas is a really big deal in Apple/Beard land.  There are sooooo many traditions that our parents (ie…my mom!!!) created for us that still stand strong today.  Christmas is our mom Anna’s favorite time of year and she instilled that love in us and now  to Kelly’s kids. I love traditions!!! First, ornaments…they are a huge deal and preferably from Hallmark.


The first pic is of my mom’s tree, the second my sis, the third mine and the last one is my first ornament!  My mom, sister and myself all have extensive collections that we LOOOOOOVE!

Second, the following music is acceptable for tree decorating: A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Nutcracker or The Carpenters: Christmas Portrait #shehasthevoiceofanangel


Our stockings are def hung by the fire with care and we open those last…



We watch Santa Clause: The Movie (with Dudley Moore sp!?) every year…


And we make Christmas crafts!!!!  This little gem was made for me by my super best buddy Katie and is super relevant to todays post!!!


Mom would have us bring home our milk cartons from school and we would make gingerbread houses with graham crackers!!!  Nowadays, the kids and I have started a tradition of making gingerbread houses on a sleepover…I love my nephews #teamwomocha!!!  The two years before now were a bit cacamaymeeeee.  Year one was Chase’s first attempted sleepover.  I bought a kit to build the house but it kept falling apart and became a gingerbread shanty town!


It was sooo fun but so disappointing that it wouldn’t stay together.  So last year I felt like a genius bc I was on a strict budget and I found these really cheap pre made gingerbread man cookies…score times a thousand!!!  So I bought a bunch of icing and sprinkles and we were soooo excited!



Turns out they were dog treats….hahaha auntie fail!!!!  Truth be told, we all tried them and they tasted exactly like you would imagine…delicious!!!  jk they were really gross.  So this year as I grabbed breakfast at Whole Foods…I saw the most genius thing of life…PRE MADE GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!!  No more shanty towns or doggie treats #upgradeya and to top it off, the kids let Kelly come to the sleepover this year! Yay!!!  What’s more fun than a sprinkle candy icing fluffanutter explosion in your kitchen!?!  The answer is literally nothing!!!


You know I love a before pic! Here are our fun supplies!!!


Lets get started!!! It should be noted that Wyatt and Kelly are the same person and Chasey and I are twinnies.  Wyatt and Kelly execute a plan in the smartest way imaginable and have great ideas like the Christmas tree or pooping rat (you’ll see its coming)…Chase and I are controlled by impulse and fun…like a rogue peppermint roof stick (you’ll see its coming)!!!  No plan necessary, just glitter and sparkles and rainbows…get ready to 3 and 4 out!!!


Look at all the fun hard work…but don’t think we didn’t get a little distracted here!


Alas…the houses are done!!!  Get ready for the after!!!


One fail, one win! Then Kelly and I tried to recreate the win!


Look at this mess…




Just kidding…best night of life!!!



We wrapped the night with couchie snuggles and our very favorite show…Clarence!!!  Have you guys seen this show…ugh its the best! #sinksinksink #belsonyouclumsydork


And now we found a Clarence game #obsessed!



And no Christmas sleepover is complete without a little game called…can you drag that little mattress to the edge of your bed and cover it with pillow and can we jump on it while you belt out that new Sam Smith song (ok I added the last part but it happened…cause you don’t think I know what you’ve dooooooooone!)


Ugh!!!!  Greatest night of life!!!  I love my family and Christmas and decorating gingy houses and watching cartoons and everythinggggggg!!!!  Here’s to one last crew pic!!!  Love y’all!