Two Meatballs: It’s Just Not Fair!!!

Lately temptation has been allllll around me!!!  I guess it’s just that time of year.  Whenever the weather gets a little colder, it just seems like a great idea to roast marshmallows around a campfire!  So that is exactly what the Beards did last week!  Safety first!!!


And a little cruising!


And a few selfies!


And now time for some fire!




What kid doesn’t love fire!?  Or marshmallows!


Or really, what adult for that matter!?


Super jelly…I have to admit that marshmallows and mor specifically S’mores are my weakness, but I won’t let my food allergies/envy hold me back from spending time with my beloved little family!


This weekend we all packed into the car early Sunday morning


#practicalbeards and arrived at the North Carolina State Fair, 2 hours before it opened. #gottagetagoodpark It was fah-reezing!!!  But we all bundled up and could not have been more excited!


We are always this matchy matchy and I love it.  I have trained the kids well, look at how happy they are to take adorable pictures!!!


And they even snapped a few of us!




We found a haunted house…


Some Oregon Trail players…#ogoffthegrid


A choppah! #yougottogetdown


Man eating praying mantis… #grasshopper #whatever


Giant Flowers!!!

Then we found ALLLLL of the games!


Wyatt won a donut and wore it as a hat allllllll day…kid after my own heart! And look how sweet he looks in my scarf!


Then we rode rides…


We even ran into Jenny and family, totally unplanned!!!  What are the chances at the FAIR!?!?!


We saw animals…


Giant pumpkins…


We Village of Yesteryear’ed it up…


And even had a Greg Fishel moment at the WRAL tent!


Soooo funnnny!!!!  And creepy. #makeito’fishel

It was such a fun day!!!  The fair can be such a slippery slope for food!!!  This is a segment called, yum yum gimme some…


This is a segment called, doing the best I can!!!


There isn’t a ton I can eat right now and I was almost positive that there wouldn’t be ANYTHING that I could eat at the fair bc literally everything has sugar in it, or something else that is on my no list.  So in preparation, I ate a big breakfast of 4 Applegate turkey sausage links (the tiny kind) and a spinach smoothie with almond butter, unsweetened coconut mil, blueberries and pineapple.  I packed myself an apple and a Larabar and that is all I had!  What a victory!  I also feel like we walked ten miles today.  Needless to say I was starving by the time we left…so I went immediately to Chipotle!


#success  Then I had such a craving for fries, bc they are my ultimate weakness, so I made my own jicama fries…food allergy solutions!  And they were amazing.  I actually had a night full of comfort food cooking.  Quinoa and Chicken sausage with spinach and shallots, sweet potato chips and roasted asparagus. I also roasted a spaghetti squash for a spicy shrimp scampi later in the week!!!  It’s certainly not fair food, but it is what I can have and I think it is delish!!!  These food allergies have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  It is much easier to abstain when I just know that I can’t have those things.  Apple freezies are my favorite thing at the fair and as Wyatt and I stood in line to get him a freezie and dad a hot apple cider, I read that there was no sugar water or chemical preservatives and for a moment I thought, oh maybe I can have this (even though I know there is so much sugar in there) and Wyatt looked at me with big eyes full of concern and said, “Don’t risk it Mo!”  Always looking out.


To my fellow Beards…OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!  What a fun day filled with love and giggles. I love you guys so much I just can’t say it enough.  #cantegtenoughofyall


I am so lucky to be a part of such a fun, loving, hilarious, supportive, sweet family.  And I hope we always feel this way about each other.  Love you all to the moon and back and then back again!!!






  1. We are so incredibly lucky!!! Best family & time at the fair ever! So proud of you mo!!! And Wyatt is such a sweet kid!!! He loves you so much!!!

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