Two Meatballs: Ace is the Place…to Work in High School and Make Friends for Life!!!

You guyyys!!!  Hope your weekend was everything, I know mine was!!!  I kicked off the weekend with my super best boss mentor buddies #likeaboss  They joined me at Bliss Body for a little Restorative Yoga!!!


I finally got to meet the other Beginners teacher, Kristen and she was an adorable little sprite!


This will be my new Friday ritual…what a great way to let go of the week and start the weekend off right!?!  See you next week Kristen!  Then Jack, Joelle and I had dinner at Guasaca and bathed in the bliss that is adult nap time.  I just love these two.  Going to such a spiritual class with two people who have helped you grow up and whom you love and respect is something I am very grateful for. Xoxo Rays!

Then, Remember my old pal Elizabeth???  We grew up in the same neighborhood and became super best buddies in 2nd grade.  I spent the night at her house every Friday night in elementary school and we played Barbies like it was our full time job!!!  I swear I have pictures of us as kids but I can’t for the life of my find them…this is the closest I is Elizabeth’s butt at my 8th birthday party!


We stayed close even though we went to different middle schools and then reunited in high school!


We even worked together as cashiers at Miller’s Ace Hardware!


We made so many amazing friends here (Hi Katie, Annie, Missy, Mark, Phil, Ryan, Katie B, Kristine, Carlos, Scott, and everyone else…and Ace and high school is where we met Natalie!


We hung out allllllll the time…mostly at Mark’s house!


For years these were the people I saw every single day and all weekend long!  But eventually the store closed down, we all found different jobs, went to college, moved away, got married and now keep in touch on Facebook.  While I was on vacation, Elizabeth asked if I wanted to be her date to Natalie’s wedding in Winterville!  I was so excited!!!  It is so hard as adults to make the planets align and really get to hang out with the people you love when you no longer conveniently work together!!!  So, Elizabeth picked me up on Saturday and we trekked it out to the farmiest of places.  It was so great to catch up!!!


We made it just in the nick of time…they were literally walking down the aisle as we walked in…


Chris and Natalie are adorable and they have a little girl named Phoebe who was having none of this wedding bullshit!!!  She was falling apart in the sweetest way!


Her wanted none of it.  The ceremony was short and oh so sweet!


Lots of laughter and talking and cute faces.

Natalie hasn’t changed a bit!!!  She was wearing Rainbows and the most beautiful hippie dress.  These two clearly adore each other! Look at that kiss! #hubbahubba #ishouldbeaphotographer


And once it was all said and done, Phoebe even came around to the excitement!


They had the wedding in a friend’s backyard and it was gorgeous and really intimate!


Twinkle lights and mason jars…heaven!!!  We also got to see Natalie’s mom, who I haven’t see in forever! #loveyoujackie #kissesforeveryone


Catching up was the best.  I love when some things never change.  Congrats you two!


Thank you so much for having us!!!  Natalie I am so glad I got to be there for your special day and to see your sweet face.  Thank you for always supporting the blog…even from afar!  Love you so much… and Elizabeth thanks for letting me be your plus one!!!!


Friends for life is the way to go!  #letsdothismoreoften Let’s have an ACE reunion you guys!!!!

Then, Sunday morning I found my way to the mat and the love of my life…Meg!!!  I am always glad to find myself coming back to this place…there is always a message that I need.  And don’t forget the yoga burrito!


I came back later for one more dose of Restorative with Kristina.  I love ending my weekend the way it began.  With peace, patience and love for myself and others.  Thank you to my Bliss Body family.  I love you all and cheers to old friends and new ones!



  1. I miss you too did!! What a sweet wedding! So glad you had such a great weekend!!!! Can’t wait to be together!

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