Two meatballs: Broadway baby Blues

this journey always has me curious, to what actually makes me happy.  What do I care about, what am I passionate about.  I made a perimaid of my life, prioritizing the most important things in my life.  Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!  My family is number one!!!!  My healthy was up there as well.   Finding balance, and appreciating my food is huge!  I know this balance thing is an on going thing forever!!!  But for some reason, I forget it and seem amazed at myself every time I remind myself of it.

The last couple of weeks I haven’t been as active as I would like to be.  And I hear my inner dialogue.  You better workout… better workout.   You are slipping.  I hear you lady!!!  But for some reason I drive myself home kicking and screaming inside.  I’m not going!!!! You can’t make me!!!! I won’t!! I won’t go!!!!!! While this is gong on inside, I peacefully drive myself home.  My urge to go home, do laundry with Broadway musical song breakouts, seems more important to me at this moment.    And it has felt good.

You may not know this about me, but I’m a total Broadway musical buff.   I always dreamed of playing Christine in phantom of the opera,


Maria in west side story,



and Kim In  miss Saigon.


It is definetly my altar personality!!!  My Sasha fierce. ( can you tell I have been watching a lot of  United States of Tara on Netflix?).  Music, singing and performing has been a strong influence, and practiced my entire life.   Everyone gets there thrill in different ways.  Some people jump out of air planes, shoplift, triathlons, do drugs, sexcapaids, and who knows what else.  For me it’s being on stage. And I’m starting to missss it sooooooooo much!!!!!!  So I’m just indulging in it at home.  Having a little girl is a dream for me.  We watch musicals, dancing and sing all over the house!!!  Thank goodness we have this in common,  for now!!  It is the same memory I share with my mom.   I selfishly love the moments.   It feeds my soul in a totally different way.   And I don’t discriminate, Disney movies are just fine, as well as Taylor swift ( a household fav) .  The precious moments alone at the house with my own music selection at my finger tips is really doing it for me right now.  I have a full on solo performance that takes place.  So funn.  I sometimes mourn the loss of performance in my life.  I know I will make my way back to theater one day.  But for now it is truly feeding my soul!!!  That is all 😃



  1. Instead of the bobbies this year you guys should have a talent show!!!! You could get up there and perform your heart out!!! With all the love and support in the world! I want front row seats!!!

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