Two meatballs: wedding cake, funnel cake, and hair!

this weekend was just cakkkkkke!!!  This weekend Brandon’s best friend Jordan got married!!!!!!!  So I got to take a shower in peace !!  Brandon was gone and London was with my mom for the night!!!




But I always end up missing her so much!!!!


But God it feels good to lay around in my towel and take a nap and just do me for a little bit!!  You know ladies!!!!


Omg bff’s for life!!


They have been besties since the 6th grade.  These two are extremely loyal and would do anything for the other!  I know Brandon was honored when he was asked to be his best man!! Everyone knows I nurture “the bromance”.  These guys keep eachother inspired and constantly dreaming.  Love their friendship,and I know I could call on Jordan if I ever need anything.  Love him and couldn’t be happier for him and his wife Bethany ( my client!!!!)  small world right?!?

wpid-20151017_182646.jpg  wpid-20151017_183450.jpgwpid-20151017_181214.jpg

While brandon had best man duties, I hung out with Alisa, Brandon’s mom.  She’s always down for a good time, so I knew we would have together


And what’s a wedding without cake??


Cake everywhere!! Wtf!!!! The struggle is real.  I had a cupcake and decided to literally dance my ass off with all our buddies!


Brandon and I had so much fun!!!! Love you guys xoxo!


The next day I got up early.  And went to the fair with my sister, brother in law Stephen and London!! We basically did whatever London wanted.  Rides and games!  And I ate total shit!!!!!  Corn dog, funnel cake, and a candy apple!!!  Detox is in my future!!

wpid-20151018_123416.jpgwpid-20151018_144358.jpgwpid-20151018_144320.jpg wpid-20151018_152723.jpgwpid-20151018_154049.jpgwpid-20151018_165448.jpg wpid-20151018_165740.jpg

Im sooooo tired!!!!


I think she had fun!


This week was so much fun,  but also extremely challenging.  Just looking for a little more balance in my nutrition tomorrow.   Progress, not perfection!

and to feed my soul…..we had a fantastic class at work!!  It was challenging and full of fun styling!  Everyone’s model looked amazing!  Look what me and my partner Katie created!!!!!  Team work makes the dream work!!!  #bestjob #lifeisgood



i didn’t make the best food choices this weekend, but my heart is full.  And that is ok for now!






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