Two Meatballs: The theater, ice and tattoos?!?!

hellllo,  I love this time of year!! There are so many activities to do with my family.  And especially a well rested family.  London has been doing so well with her new sleep routine. I’m sticking to this new dialogue and calm nature.   She goes to bed easily, doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night, and is sleeping until 7:30.  I’m soooooooo happy!!!   All this sleep makes me wAnt to workout!


I was trying so hard to show off my gun!!  Haha.  I saw JB from DC ( Sara’s dad) at the gym!! The sweetest family ever!!  He was in there for such a long time, it made me want to keep up with him!

Well the Smith’s reAlly supported the arts this weekend. Brandon got tickets for London and I to go see Rudolph the red nose reindeer at the duke progress energy center!  Stuff like this really puts my in the Christmas mood!



We had such a good time.  The abominable snowman was a scary moment for young kids, so that kind of sucked when the crying and screaming started!  Most of all I am always excited to see London take part in the culture of being an audience member.  So fuuuuun!!! Although, now she is obsessed with the song,Rudolph the red nose reindeer!    I hate it now!!!!!

Sunday morning we woke and got dressed for Frozen on ice!!!!!



Girls day out!!!! My mom, sister, London and I spent the day at frozen and met up with family friends, the Mariani’s!!!!!   I haven’t done this is 25 years! Sooo yeah I was excited !!  I dropped 60 dollars in 15 minutes of being there!!!! Wtf!! #wewerewarned #whereismyprincessdresss #adorable

not to mention all the glorious cotton candy!!!!


We had to get the light up thingy.






These little nuggets were just the cutest!   We had the best weekend!!!  And we were both exhausted.  And I came home to this!!!



Brandon lost his wedding ring!!!!   This meatball lost some weight in his hands obvii!!  And it slipped off some where. So I always believed something like this was bad luck. But I’m not over analyzing it and adoring this loving gesture.  So this was his way of showing our forever evolving commitment to each other.   Noooo, I’m not going to do it, haha but  I love he did! Love u guys!! And we are half way through the tough month of December!!!






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