Two Meatballs: I’ve been cut off!!!

Hey it’s Jennnyyy!!!!!!  I have to say …….this is the healthiest me, I have ever known.  I am LIVING a healthy life style.  This all feels like second nature…… least for today!!!  Today was the first time it felt easy.   My mind really goes food crazy most days…just fantasizing about all kinds of foods.  I get real food pornish on it!!!  But today my mind was at total peace.  I haven’t felt this way….in a long time.  Looking back, When my food intake was at its worst,that was even more unsettling.  I knew what I was doing was making my life more challenging. It was that lack of integrity that Sara and I always talk about.  I  didn’t  know how far removed I wAs from those feelings two years ago. I think I started removing emotions from my daily life if they could not exist, or support my food addiction. That’s how strong it can be!!!! Insane. I didn’t even know that until I started typing it!!!!!!!!  So……it’s official….we haven’t seen Sandra in a month!!!!!!!!   Ahhhhhh…scary!!!!! We miss herrrrrrrr!! We have just had scheduling conflicts.  And I need some workout ass kicking in my life.  I never kick my own ass as hard. But I have learned a lot from her and working out at the gym alone is better because or her and worse all at the same time.  So this morning I went to the gym!!!!! In shorts!!!!!!



Feels like middle school gym period!!!!! Only better, because I get to do my own thing….alone!!!!! Feeling strong this morning!!!



I was was feeling so good, I decided to weigh in a fleet feet today for tons of fun! Holy shit!!!! Down 3.2 pounds from January 3rd weigh in!!!! I really needed that!  So excited to tell Sara the good news, we decided it was time for a selfie!!

wpid-20150115_170121.jpg   #lightandbright #markdebolt #bestcareer

this feeling good thing is really starting to snowball .   Brandon and I decided we needed to take more ownership and better care of our finances.  .  Let’s revisit our budget!!!!   So Brandon punched out the numbers.



And i I could not read him!!



I did get defensive and embarrassed when I told him how many times I get Starbucks.

So i I got a stern talking to.  Chill out on the Starbucks!!!!




So how did we do……..




some things we are doing are really good!   We got rid of cable.  Saving a ton!!!



Others, we were really not doing well, like overspending at Starbucks!!!  Unofficially cut off!!!



Knowing is is the first step to change!!!! Embracing the change 2015!!!!

Life starting to feel In control……….checkkkkkk

thank you for all of your support!!!




  1. You go girl in your shorts!! I bought some shorts to work out in but haven’t mustered up the courage to wear them in public. You know how “they” say if you are around someone often and long enough you will eventually start to look alike….well in the #lightandbright photo, I’m seeing it! LOL

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