Two Meatballs: The Tale of Two Saras!

Hey you guyyyys!!!  Most of you know a very specific version of me…it is my true self.  She is shiny, bright, funny, quick, full of love for life, never met a stranger, fiercely loyal, loving, inappropriate, passionate, hardworking, focused, evolving, loud and honest . In the spirit of continuing  the week of deep diving, lets see how I lose this girl!!!  So the month of January is my busy season.  Between the prepping for the salon meeting and creating a team builder, writing and practicing The Bobies, performing at The Bobies, my new 5k training program, personal and business travel, a total hair makeover for both the meatballs courtesy of Natalie,


and then all the regular stuff like work, the blog and my friends and family and then throw in my raging ADHD…this month is heavy on the activities! I love love love being busy, but every so often I get really overwhelmed. I have high work expectations of myself and I like to do things immediately when asked…this can only happen when I have a normally full plate!  Overwhelmed is my weakest/worst version of myself.  When I  pack even more on my already full plate, I start obsessing and I lose sleep, which makes me cranky and coffee dependent, which makes me even more intense and laser focused (BITCH), which makes me want to comfort myself with food (which explains the 1.2 pound weight gain for Ton of Fun #hahai’mdoingthiswrong), which makes me want to skip the gym and sleep in and all of the sudden I’m angsty and disappointed and really frustrated at myself because I know better. #whenyouknowbetteryoudontalwaysdobetter #itsathing I know that being overwhelmed is my worst trigger.  I really try to set myself up for success at every turn.  And when I’m on, things are great.  I meal plan, I have set laundry days, my house Is clean, I get ahead on the blog so that doesn’t loom in my brain, I know what to expect from myself exercise wise…but when I throw so much more in the mix I start to sink and my normally happy, sunny, joyful, funny outlook and attitude becomes dark, nit picky, bitchy, sarcastic, judgmental, irritated, angry…a real joy to sit next to on the life bus am I  right ladies!?!I know that this is not new information coming from me, but I want to develop this more and talk about what happens next.  I know that these are human moments but I want to take more responsibility for the emotional wake that I leave behind me.  My mood is contagious and I want to spread goodness not anger.  I have a lot of power with my moods.  I used to resent that I didn’t feel like I was allowed to have a bad day, but really what it is is that when you give off good vibes people want to be around you…you lift them up! I want to always lift people up and never drag them down or make them feel bad…but that is my go to when I’m overwhelmed. I get snappy and go for the jugular.  I pick fights for fun.   I talk mad shit for no reason. I ruin days…  who knows even lives!!! Bahahah not really #hopefully And none of these things do I pride myself on.  They all give me an emotional hangover that I can’t afford anymore, not with my goals of becoming Oprah.  So what’s a girl to do?!  Well first off I want to be grateful for all of the opportunities that I have signed up for.  Second, I want to remember that I asked for allll of these things. Perspective is very helpful for me…why complain or resent something that you willingly signed up for.  I want to stop dreading things and go into every situation with a loving heart.  Next I need to learn how to effectively prioritize.  It is unrealistic for me to expect myself to take on so much and be able to do quality work and turn it back around immediately.  I need to complete one thing at a time to the best of my ability with a positive attitude, then move on to the next most important thing instead of obsessing over time tables. I am NOTTTTTT a laid back girl (are you picking that up!?), but I would like to adopt some more go with the flow tactics.  I need to make a schedule and stick to it…this will include when I have to go to bed by!!!!  I will plan my meals for the next couple of weeks and schedule gym visits in my phone!  I owe it to myself to get healthy and a busy month is just part of life not an excuse to eat poorly and be a total bitchface to everyone.  What am I working this hard for in my life if I’m too unhealthy to be around to enjoy the fruits of my labor…or if I alienate everyone around me with my shitty attitude.!?!? It’s time to hit the reset button.  I am telling on myself big time. It’s the tale of two Sara’s and I don’t want for people to get two such varying versions of me especially when I know who I really am! I don’t want to hold people emotionally hostage with my poor planning,  so I’m making the change today.  Thank you for letting me get this off my chest!!! So,  how do you get yourself out of a perpetual state of overwhelmed!?  My family is my reset button.  So this Sunday after working on the salon meeting and The Bobies…and squirelling out hard with my bosses…


I went home and whipped together my now infamous shredded brussel sprout salad


and met my family over at my sister Kelly’s house for a Sunday Dinner…and drawing and fun and snuggling and kissing and a yummy paleo meal!  I mean how much fun can a little Beard clan have?!  First up, drawing!!! Chasey is learning how to spell!


This is the text I got the next day after we practiced writing Mo (that’s me!)


Wyatt was all snuggled up in Kelly’s bed and politely asked me to leave when I tried to snuggle up with him! Ha #ineedalonetime


Kelly was making the yummiest smelling roasted chicken, lemon roasted cauliflower and mom made bacon wrapped sweet potato bites…


Which quickly turned into wrestle/snuggling…we all have ADD!


Wyatt finally emerged from his dungeon…


And we started a drawing competition….I lost!!! Paw Paw and Wyatt won and Chase was the Dugde as he called it!


Which inevitably turned into this…


Which led to a dramatic reenactment of Chase throwing a fit!


Dress up…


Which turned into be a vampire, be a kitty, be a dog!


Which turned into a game I made up called give me your best kiss…look how passionate this child is #handonface #mytwinny


I have the snuggliest family!  Which turned into try this healthy soda! #peachpear #kbtheymadeadrinkafterus!


#yum Which quickly turned into a healthy dinner…


Which turned into my favorite part of the night…telling stories and laughing hysterically at the kitchen table! #areweItaliantooJenny!?

wpid-20150111_184150.jpgwpid-20150111_184151.jpgwpid-20150111_184152.jpgwpid-20150111_184158.jpgwpid-20150111_184159.jpgwpid-20150111_184559.jpg wpid-20150111_184603.jpgwpid-20150111_184605.jpgwpid-20150111_184615.jpgwpid-20150111_184618.jpgwpid-20150111_184623.jpgwpid-20150111_184839.jpg

Which turned into snuggles with my Chasey Poo…and one more story! #brokennose


The family night came to an end bc the kids needed to go to bed!  But this reset was exactly what I needed to go take stock of my avoidance and conquer it head on by cleaning, cooking and Crest White Strippin it up #ifyourenotwhiteningyoureyellowing


Then I went to bed early so that I could be well rested for tomorrows salon meeting.  Jenny and I met at Whole Foods and had a nutritious breakfast.  All of these things helped set me up for success and more importantly gave me the perspective that I always desperately need…girl, you signed up for all of this.  If you can’t do it with a positive attitude and a loving heart, don’t sign up for so damn much! Look forward to the great things in your life instead of assigning negative feelings bc you aren’t managing your time well. Don’t punish others for your decisions!!!  Here is to a happy attitude and a positive emotional wake!!! And in the end, what in the world do I have to complain about…the funnest life!? #boohoo  Love y’all.  We will post something fun next week…Jenny and I just got real deep up in this piece this week!





  1. Awwwww! I love it! I love when you deep dive! It’s so therapeutic and uplifting!!! #beglennonOprahandEllen
    I love how you capture our sweet, loving, hilarious family!!!
    I love all the saras!

  2. Uggggg that sweet kiss Chase gave you melts my heart!!! And the living best selfies with the kids always! They love you so much Mo!

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