Two Meatballs : Ohhhh hello Squats…remember us?!?!?



The day has finally come!!!!!!! We are working out with Sandra!!!!  And we couldn’t be more excited.   So I picked sara up in Brandon’s big ass truck and we were on our way.   Here are some selfies before we get our asses handed to us……you’re welcome!!!!!!!!

wpid-20150122_075748.jpg wpid-20150122_075745.jpg




Oh hey Sandra!!! We’re here!!!!!!



So no shocker……..we warmed up on the treadmill.


It was so great to see Sandra and catch up for minute. But she is a total badass and we dove right in!!!!! We started with squats on the trx



And then with two twenties we did squat lifts



Back on on the trx for push ups



And did did more on the bosu ball



One arm sqaut lifts



Bosu sun ball climbers



Back on the trx




Awful diamond push ups



With the weights we did a twisty ab thing!!!



Baby  crunches with with weight



And then sara murdered these dead one leg lifts

wpid-20150122_085038.jpg    wpid-20150122_081339.jpg


It was such an amazing workout.  It feels good to have a routine again! We can’t go 5 weeks ever again.

I know my butt will be feeling it tomorrow.  So we ended the workout with some measurements! I went first…and I was kind of terrified .  It had just been so long! A couple of things went up a little but I did go down in my thighs though!  So I have some work to do!!!!

wpid-20150122_090537.jpgwpid-20150122_090447.jpgwpid-20150122_090409.jpg wpid-20150122_090332.jpgwpid-20150122_090318.jpgwpid-20150122_090246.jpgwpid-20150122_090226.jpg


Sara!!!!!your turn!!! She went down in just about everything!!!! Wahoooooo!!!

wpid-20150122_090036.jpgwpid-20150122_090008.jpgwpid-20150122_085924.jpgwpid-20150122_085852.jpg wpid-20150122_085802.jpgwpid-20150122_085827.jpgwpid-20150122_085412.jpg!



Last workout before the weigh in!!! See you there!!! Xoxo


  1. Just brilliant work Sara! So proud of you I could bust! Your progress continues to inspire me and I’m blowin’ my horn big time for you both. Well done ;-D

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