Two Meatballs: The Bobie’s !! Can we do it again???

we had the beeeeeest weekend.   We had our holiday party the bobie’s!!!!  It is such a fun night full of awards, playful roasting of team members, and Hollywood glam!!!!!

wpid-2015012495211821.jpg wpid-20150124_195154.jpg


I have been been a part of this team for 6 years, and every year in the past I would plan to have lost weight by the bobie’s. Some years I succeeded, others were a total fail!!!  So going this year was exciting for both us because we worked so hard together and this was just one of the milestones we both looked forward to.  I am so happy I get to share this night with my husband and best friend!!!!!! So Sara and I never get to sit together at this thing because she has to sit at the managers table, not to mention Jack, Joelle and Sara MC the event. So we send pictures back forth to each other.

wpid-20150125_001059.jpg   wpid-2015012495215342.jpg wpid-20150124_215248.jpg


And as always…Sara brings the best date…her sister Kelly !!!!!! I think she is an honorary Sammie cole salon employee! Love her!

wpid-20150124_215714.jpg wpid-20150124_211936.jpgwpid-20150124_211902.jpg

wpid-20150124_201139.jpgwpid-20150124_201644.jpg Yeah…..I drank a little. Wink wink.

cocktail hour is the best…..because you are seeing everyone for the first time!! I love my salon family so much!!!  #membersonlyclub

wpid-20150124_201515.jpgwpid-20150124_201937.jpgwpid-20150124_201423.jpgwpid-20150124_195235.jpg wpid-20150124_193926.jpgwpid-20150124_192224.jpgwpid-20150124_201623.jpgwpid-20150124_193401.jpg wpid-20150124_192511.jpgwpid-20150124_192323.jpgwpid-20150124_193806.jpgwpid-20150124_193107.jpg




wpid-20150124_202014.jpgwpid-20150124_202030.jpgwpid-20150124_202131.jpgwpid-20150124_192034.jpg wpid-20150124_190459.jpgwpid-20150124_192632.jpgwpid-20150125_001115.jpg


Best picture ever!!!!



the night started with dinner. And guess what I made great decisions!!! I think this healthy thing is becoming “a thing”.  Salmon asparagus, broccoli and a salad. Sara was on point too!!!  This is the first time I’m seeing what she had haha!!



Time for the awards!!!  We work with a lot of stylist….so there was a lot to reconize.







My favorite part of the evening was, Sara being recognized for all the joy she brings to everyone’s life in the salon.  She is our mentor at the salon, and genuinely loves us all.  And we love her and are grateful for her showing up for us everyday always pushing us to be better then we ever thought.  She is truly a treasure!

wpid-20150124_221111.jpgwpid-20150124_221018.jpgwpid-20150124_221039.jpg wpid-20150124_221023.jpgwpid-20150124_221014.jpg



On to the bobie’s !!!!  Basically everyone gets recognized for something’s hey did that year….these are silly, playful, shameful and Ffffing hilarious !!!!!!!!  Sara and Joelle act us all out.  Genius!!!!!!

Mine was the “Afro crotch award”!!!!!  I got really passionate this year nd about bring the bush back!!  Am I right ladies?!?


And Sara’s was ” any excuse to get naked award”  but you guys already knew that!!!








then we danced our asses off!!! Haha hope so, weigh in almost here…again!!!!!!



We have have the greatest jobs.  With the most amazing bosses who host this fabulous party every year.  We have so much to be grateful for!!  Thank you Jack and Joelle for all of your love and support professionally and personally.  We love you!!!!!!!



wpid-20150124_225641.jpgwpid-20150124_221547.jpgwpid-20150124_203150.jpgWell Joelle , Jack and Sara , I’m going to say it……… best bobie’s ever?!?! You guys put on a great show!!! Mmmmmmmmmmuuuuaaaahhh xoxo!!!!!! #curtaincall

I even got in a post bobie’s workout the next day!!!!!  Oh hey coworker Libby ……fancy seeing you here!!!!!



Fun crazy weekend….this lady is tired, goooooodnight!

Here we are in the past……wow things are really changing!!!! What I love most is that we can be happy at any size… proud that we are still happy and definetly healthier.  Love you Sara!

wpid-img_7045570355023.jpegwpid-2015-01-18-19.34.08.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_7177814471326.jpegwpid-img_7321324148355.jpeg wpid-20150124_195004.jpg





  1. JENNY!!!!!! GREAT POST!!!!! and it’s my dream to be part of the Sammie Cole family! It was the best Bobbie ever!! And my hair and makeup were the best ever! I love our little tradition! And I love you!!!

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