Two Meatballs: Hey Sara, Your Body Called…it Said Slowwwww Down!

So this is literally my favorite time of year….The Bobies.  I get to write, sing and act my little attention seeking heart out with my super best boss and life mentor, Joelle!!!  We spend every waking hour together for three weeks leading up to the big event.  Well, this year was no exception!  Thursday night as I was heading over to The Rays I felt a little tickle in my throat.  My new life plan with getting sick is  completely ignoring its existence.  So we practiced hard this night…singing full out, lots of yelling on my part!


Then practice was over and I went home and passed out!  Then I woke up Friday morning and thought SHIT.  I think I’m really sick…I had no voice, no energy, my throat was on fire and I felt a little fevery and after running all of my morning errands I came home and literally passed out on my couch for an hour.  I was freeeezing.  But I got up and went for practice.  When I walked in both Jack and Joelle said Eeeesh…you look awful (cause I really did), so we piled onto the couch and did a very calm and quiet run through for a couple of hours.  Jack loaded me up with green tea and lemons, Joelle stocked me up with advil cold and sinus and I housed a thousand cough drops!!! They are so good to me! #babysick


After practice was over I got my spray tan…it’s not an event unless I look like George Hamilton am I right Joelle!?! and then I promptly went to bed at 8.  Then I woke up at 6 to pack up all my things, showered, blew my hair out and met Jenny at Whole Foods by 8 for a yummy breakfast.


I had a whisper of a voice at this point.  I downed Detoxifying juice, a kambucha and green tea.  Then we hopped over to the salon and she did my hair.  Then it was off to MAC for makeup.  My girl Krystal was out sick so Sam saved the day and made me look like a million bucks which is super important when you feel like zero dollars.  Then I met The Rays, Andrews and Joelle’s high school buddies at Firebirds for a traditional pre Bobies lunch.  I was silent and freezing and nodding off…I was really getting concerned here…is this the flu!?!!  But I just downed more Green Tea with lemon.  Finally I made it to the hotel and checked in!  Not too shabby…


Time to get organized.  I only have about 45 minutes once we are finished practicing to get ready so I like to lay everything out.


If you can’t tell jewelry wise from this pic…I am the anti Coco Chanel…I want to wear every single piece of jewelry that I own, together, all at once!!!!  #donttakeanythingoffjustaddmore I also needed to make sure I was stocked up on the things that were going to get me through the night…Emergen-c, Alka Seltzer Cold and as many vitamin c cough drops as I could shove into my purse…plus all of the beverages of the world!


Time to practice!


We did our mic check and about 10 run throughs…then it was time to get ready with my sis…I love this part of the night…so much laughter.  Although I really just wanted to go to bed!


#jackassingaround #thankgodforspanx #sorryheeledbootsyoulosetonight

And finally we were ready!


My sister is the living best date…she is so excited to be there, so happy and fun and funny and delightful and self sufficient and friends with everyone!!!  This really is my favorite night of the year and she is a huge factor in that.  Love you did #hikelly So we headed downstairs…


And practiced one more time…


Then we cocktail houred it up, greeted everyone, took red carpet pics and photo boothed it up…healthy app’ed it up and had a ball.  My adrenaline kicked in here and got me through!


Lauren and I made a thousand attempts at mooning the photo booth…we finally succeeded but had a real reality check of butts in spanx!!!


We’ve never laughed harder….the photo booth is the living best! Get ready for 1,000 hilarious pics!



I clearly was not conserving my energy.  And by the time the Biggies rolled around and they surprised me with a heart warming speech about mentoring and called me on stage and I got a standing ovation from my team….


I started bawling like a baby and lost the last shred of my voice and energy #totallyworthit.  It was so unexpected and so kind…This was an amazing moment and the warmest bath of love from my sammie cole fam….super humbling! I literally could not stop crying and my speech came out as a strangled…i love every single one of you, this is my dream job! #gratefuleveryday



I finally stopped crying and it was time to perform.  With a piping hot glass of water with lemons, a mil cough drops and a little prayer we started the show.


And before you knew it 41 Bobies had been given out with only minor heckling from the audience!!!  We survived…best Bobies ever!!!  This is what happened immediately after…


I found the nearest couch and Brandon and I joked about being old and I so genuinely wanted to pass out…


But we rallied and me, Kelly and Jenny danced the night away with all of these fun people!!!!  All of the sudden it was almost 2 and my bed was calling me.  Here is me and Kelly’s after picture!


Sooooooo sweaty #wetbangs We chatted for a bit about how great the night was and then she passed out.  I was so sick and so full of caffeine that I didn’t fall asleep until 4am! We woke up and I knew it was really bad.  My body was trying so hard to tell me to slow down but I didn’t listen.  Which landed me at the Urgent Care…


I started throwing up on Sunday and I had a fever and chills and was achy so at first they thought it was the flu….but thank goodness it wasn’t!  Turns out it was walking pneumonia!!!  So I got two shots in the butt, a 10 day supply of antibiotics and Lil’ Wayne’s cough syrup.  Off to my couch for a Downton Abby marathon and lots of unexpected naps…


I hate being sick, but I love being proactive, finding out whats wrong and fixing it.  Now comes the hard part, forced rest and absolute silence!


Lesson learned…if you don’t listen to your body…it will make you listen and you will end up sick as a dog with a fever that won’t break!!!  But still best Bobies ever!!! #weveneverlookedbetter


And just for fun I made some before and afters…this night really made us both realize how far we have come!!!  Loving this journey together!!!



Sending lots of love from my invalid bed/couch!!! Xoxo



  1. Awww did!! You’re such a trooper! You and Joelle nailed the Bobies! It’s literally my favorite night of the year!! I’m so damn lucky to get to dress up and party with such fun people but most of all see you in your element and see how good you are at your career and just how much everyone loves you! And duh be lesbian life wives and cohabitate! I love you so much! Bursting with pride and love!

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