Two Meatballs: date night!!




Ahhhh I love this pic.  I absolutely love that Brandon is in this with me.  We have definetly changed physically………but you can’t see how much we changed emotionally!!!!!!  We all live really busy lives.  And I love my busy life.  I am really good at doing me! And what I mean by that is…….I know what I like and I know what I want.  I am not drowning in this marriage looking for my identity.  I am constantly exploring new activities and challenges.  Is Self growth/discovery  a hobby????  If so, sign me up….I love it.  My feet are planted and I feel extra powerful these days.  What I do see happen……are two separate lives.  Brandon having tight control of his own life and me equally trying to juggle mine.  And we are” yes “people so we try ing to do it all.   We are both really good at supporting each others needs For personal space  outside the house…..but we totally suck at making it a priority to do things together.  All of a sudden I realize we desperately need a date night!!!!   We don’t know the details of each other lives.  The time spent together at home is spent usually doing chores and mentally unwinding from the day.  I always need  5 minutes of quite when I first come home.  My own debrief from  the day.  Mayb e I do this so I am distracted from food.   Soooo lets go to shabashabu

London spent the weekend with my mother in law.  A great chance to get some sushi together.




Brandon I weresooo sensible!! We got tuna tataki to start with




And then we shared a Wolfpack roll and a bagel roll!!


wpid-screenshot_2015-01-28-21-59-25.png wpid-screenshot_2015-01-28-22-00-28.png


And guess what it was plenty.  My eyes are definitely bigger then my stomach when it comes to sushi.  But we both felt great.  We both decided we wanted to get some sake!




It was so yummy!!! We were having the best time.   Our conversation ended up getting deeper then we both anticipated, with definitely tense moments.  But we were communicating openly and honestly and we ended up learning a lot about the other that night.  Sara shared with me……” The conversationS  you have is the relationship”.   I understand that concept more each day.  And I am always grateful that Brandon is engaged in our conversations.  He listens with clear ears.  I am trying to learn to do the same.    It is hard to break poor communication habits!!!!!  At the end of the night we were both glad we talked .  This unexpected date was much needed .  Communication is everything….who said that!!!!! It’s true.   We need to make surer our journeys are constantly crossing.  No man left behind!!!  my healthy body is now craving healthy feelings too.  Amazing how this works!!!






  1. So sweet Jenny!!! I love deep diving! You and Brandon look great and it’s the best that you feel great too!! Love you guys!!!

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