Two Meatballs: Holy Pneumonia Batman!

I’ve mentioned before that I was a sickly child/teen/adult!


And that I had really begun to identify myself as someone who was sickly. But ever since I quit smoking and drinking and started eating healthy and exercising, I’ve barely gotten sick!  And when I do get sick it doesn’t seem to debilitate me the way it used to.  I was probably on antibiotics every other month for ten years. Eeeek…not good! #mypoorvagina  So when I started feeling bad last week I just assumed that I could juice it away.  But I was wrong!!!  I called my dad to tell him that it was walking pneumonia and he said I thought we were past this!  I laughed bc I was under the same assumption!  But, just bc I’m getting healthy doesn’t mean that I will never succumb to illness ever again.  Lesson learned.  This one really took me out.  I’ve been following all instructions bc I want to get better!!!!  I have been silent, sleeping, housing fluids,  taking my meds, eating healthy, staying calm and low key.  I hate missing work but I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even get myself ready in the morning without irrationally bursting into tears and laying down.  I’ve literally been waking up all week from naps that I wasn’t aware that I was taking! Ha!  But now it’s Thursday night and I am finallyyyyyyyyy feeling a little bit better…my fever has broken…I don’t feel as crazy and I don’t want to cry anymore!!!  Hallelujah! This weekend I’m headed to NYC with my sister Kelly and my bestie Katie to celebrate Kelly’s birthday! I mean somebody look at this cutie!



Kelly, Katie and I have been friends our entire lives.  That is a bold faced lie…Kelly wanted nothing to do with us buuuuut we are all so close now that that is how I like to remember the past! #youreonlylyingtoyourself Growing up next door to each other for 15 years was such a gift!!!  You can’t manufacture that kind of closeness. I mean look at us!


Despite my ridiculously drawn out pneumonia and smowmagedon up north…we are so excited!


We will visit all of our favorites…Chelsea Market, 9th Street Espresso,


Scarpetta, Buddahkhan (sp?!), The Natural Science Museum


and all of our little haunts in the Meatpacking District…the most important of which is the sexy doormen at the Dream Downtown…swit swoooooo!   We got to spend so much time together over the holidays as you’ll remember from such posts as Nobody Skips to a Cockfight!


We love each other sooo much!  Last time I was in NYC with Katie we bumped into Ray from HBO’s Girls…And last time I was there with Kelly we went to a taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island guys, Stephen Colbert, and Magic Johnson!!!


Fingers crossed that it’s even more epic this time!!!  So in honor of all the fun we’ll have, let’s stroll down the ghost of Katie, Kelly, Sara past and see all the fun that’s been had!


Ugh I love them!!!  I love NYC too…it’s my home away from home but to be perfectly honest…I’m mostly looking forward to snuggling up and talking all night!!! #iliveforasleepover #istillhavepneumonia #babytired


So NYC, get ready!!!!


And to Katie and Kelly…I literally can’t wait!!! Xoxo Also, get ready for our 11th weigh in…we will post Monday night at 7!!!!  Here’s a sneaky peeky!!!




  1. Yay!!!!!!!! These pictures are amazing! I’ve never seen some of these! It’s going to be the best weekend!!!!#

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