Two Meatballs: bring on the HEAT!!!!!!

soo you guys know Sara was sick and now is in New York!  We have had to cancel our workouts with Sandra and all of this makes it really easy to not workout at all……”it just wasn’t mean to be”.   Well guess what……. I have too.  At this point in my journey it is the only thing keeping me at my current weight.  I can gain 5 lbs with one bad meal!!!  That is kind of terrifying.  But ow I know better so I have to be better.  So thank god I am surrounded by amazing, supportive people who are equally excited about our success as we are!!  Meet our friend Nikki K.



Nikki has always been enthusastic about working out together.  But in my eyes she is like kind of a professional fitness girl.  So yes I was intimidated to go to a “Nikki ” workout.  But I was excited to go to HEAT and see something new.

wpid-20150129_095020.jpg  wpid-20150129_083231.jpg


So cute!  I was surrounded by familiar things! Mother fing ropes!!



Class started.  It is really fast pace but the music was awesome so I was pumped! I want the gym to always feel like a dance party!   We did alot of things we do with Sandra like planks, lunges, squats, push ups, sit ups, and an assortment weights. The only thing different was after 4 mins you would rotate to the treadmill and run up hill and sprint.  It was really hard.  But I did it!!!!  I would have never been able to complete that in the past.  It felt really good to realize I was really getting in shape.  I am so much stronger then I have ever been!! I am so glad I stepped outside of the box and did this!!  Thank you Nikki for your constant support!!!!   Hurts so good!!!!



Here our some pics!

wpid-20150129_094501.jpgwpid-20150129_094513.jpgwpid-20150129_094528.jpg wpid-20150129_094546.jpgwpid-20150129_094550.jpgwpid-20150129_094609.jpgwpid-20150129_094613.jpg


Our instructor Ashley was a total lady beast!!!!! She was so welcoming and definetly kicked my ass and took the time to correct my form which I really appreciate!!!!!

wpid-20150129_094935.jpgwpid-20150129_094941.jpg #lovefierceladies






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