Two Meatballs : you’ve got Balls……Brandon!!!!!

heyyyyy….  I’m so proud of my hubby.  I know this new lifestyle isn’t always easy, and it not always convient, or cheap but he is doing it!!!!  And I’m so proud we are doing this together.



Looking good Brandon!!!!!




I love having my third ball!!!



So so here we goooo, how did you do Brandon?!?



Back down 5!!!!!!!!  That’s great!  How’s it feel Brandon??… ………

Soo. I’m not gonna lie January wasn’t the best month for me. But somehow I managed to lose 5 pounds!!!! This month taught me that It’s easy to get caught up in compliments but you’ve just gotta keep your head down and push through.

Well said Brandon!!!!!!  Love you , congrats,  let’s keep, keeping on!!!

I also recently had a new guest at the salon…Blair!!!!!!!!!!  She reads the blog and decided to come see see me at Samuel Cole!!!! So exciting….I couldn’t wait to meet her!!!!  And we did a major change.  She donated her hair to locks of love. An absolutely fantastic charity. I was honored to do it.



I loved meeting you Blair!!!! Can’t wait to see you soon and thank you for your support!!! Hope all is well your way!!!!! Muuuuuahhhh






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