Two Meatballs: Running through life!!!!!!!!!

when I was in school, I dreaded the idea of having to run the mile in gym class.  I would walk the whole thing and did the bare minimum to pass.  I decided I wasnt a runner.    Well I have put our differences aside.  I ran a 5 k!!!!!!!  I can’t believe I did it!!!!  My sister and I  decided we were going to do this together.  I think we were both nervous and excited.  It was held at the Dorothea Dix state park to support service animals.  So we registered and got our numbers.



And the the first thing we saw was londons’s favorite………face painting!!!!!  Oh and no shocker,  she wanted to be a cat……Tina Myles!!!!



We met up with my sister s old friend,  Katie!!!!!  A total professional runner in my eyes!!!   She’s hilarious and always good company, and she brought her sweet nugget And londons’s friend Elle !!!



how is it possible that they are so different and exactly the same all at the same time!!  adorbsss!!!

ok before we start let’s take a selfie!!!




Omg then it started.  I haven’t exactly been training for this!!!!  I told myself I was just going to run as long as I could.  Katie gave some good advice and said walk up the hills and run the rest.  So I did.  I ran the first two miles and was totally feeling it.  The hills kept getting steeper .  And I was so doooonnnneee.  When you are In big crowd running, you want to do well.  I found myself running longer then i ever have.   I have been working with Sandra for so long….I could hear her in my head saying,  I could do this, that my body was strong, challenge yourself!!   She is a total cheerleader. I was so excited when I came upon this …….



The the finish line was in sight!!!!!



And we were welcomed with roses!



38 mins!   I’ll take it!!!  This is me just stepping out of the box again.  I felt so proud when I was done.  I really believed I was going to really struggle.  But I didnt.  It was a gorgeous day and it was great being apart of a community this day. I spoke to my sister today and both of our thighs are on fire!!  And we decided we would love to do it again……..well I mean not in the rain, cold, or extreme heat.  But another breezy 69 degree day, count us in.   Thanks Katie for pushing us to do this!!!!   Xoxo.  And my favorite part was seeing my family waiting for me at the end!!!!!   #familyovereverything



  1. Awesome! You went out there and DID IT!!! The idea of running a 5K is inspiring and intimidating all at the same time. It’s on my goal list.

  2. You did it!!!! What a wonderful thing to share with your sister. Even better to show London what we can do when we try and work hard at something! So proud of you!!!

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