Two Meatballs: Keepin it Short and Sweet

so yeah, February has been challenging for both of us.   I feel like I barely saw Sara this month.  And she is right, when we are apart from eachother, I also feel disconnected from our journey!!!  I never thought I would talk about this, but this month has been so shitty I will take the opportunity to blame anything…………I am having a period from hell!!! Periodnating!!!!’ It suuuuucks.  Woooofff.  It was she who told me to eat all the chocolate. And wanted to be all alone curled up on the couch…..binge watching house of cards and transparent!!!  By the way….if you are not watching those shows, you need to!!!!  Amazing!!!  And if things couldn’t get any worse….Sara lost her sweet grandma this week!!  I know Sara will fill you in on how amazing she was.


Sara and her family are incredibly close and I love being with them.  Sara was so close to her grandma and had a very special relationship. I am so glad I got to meet grandma Apple!!!!  we will be spending the weekend together, remembering her.  This is such a slippery time for us. Funerals are the worst for salads!!!   So glad I can be there for you this weekend!!!!  This reminds me how important having support is.  Speaking of support….. we will not be participating in ton of fun this Saturday due to Sara’s loss.  Sorry we can’t be there, love you fleet feet!!!   And I love you Sara!!!  #youreagoodgirl.



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