Two Meatballs: February is a thing??????

hey it’s Jennnyyy !!!!!   And this February is turning out to be an issue.  I thought the holidays were over?!!! When did February become a trigger month?????   Or is just so hard as time passes.  The hype has faded…. And life is setting in.  I have so many excuses for why I am screwing up this month!!!  But they don’t really matter.  And now these snow days?!?!?  Wtf!!!!!!!!    The snow started falling Monday night and Brandon made a fire and we roasted marshmellows……….the beginning of the end.


Well start of snow day number one…….  London and I went sledding for an hour at 8am!  There is no picture of that.  But that’s physical activity right?!?!? Then whilE everyone was snuggled on there couch…..I was feeling guilty about those marshmellows and headed to the dead gym,  yeah I was the only person there.



Oh oh and look what’s on…the weather!!!!!!



This weather really messes me up.  I want chips and pizza…..if you guys didn’t know,my spirit animal is a bear.  Sleepy, lazy, wandering fiece lady, who kills for her food!!!  So after I worked out I went to Sara’s and we had…..cake pops.  I’m not proud



It it did feel really good in the moment.

At a week moment I bought these!!!!!



Now they are just staring at me!!!!!!!!  So dumb!!!!!!

all this junk food is really making itself known…I haven’t broken out this bad since I was 14!!!!


day two went much better.   I had eggs for breakfast!!!!   And got our creative on…with some painting!!

wpid-20150218_083822.jpgwpid-20150218_090027.jpgwpid-20150218_090933.jpg wpid-20150218_090944.jpg


Then we danced our asses off to some frozen!  Sidebar…I official hate this movie!!  So over it!!!

not this sweetie pie……


We took a trip to the gym….and had a salad for lunch….and started prepping for dinner.. Brought back the paleo with some chicken and Brussels sprouts!!!



I’m kinda craving healthy foods!!!!  I’m going to end this month in a good place!!!  Weigh In is almost here!!!’. And we will be at Fleet Feet this Saturday the 21st 10am to 2pm. Getting inspired for Ton of Fun!!!!  Would love to see you there.    We can do this!!!!!  Love you guys.  And I love these two!!


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