Two Meatballs: The better meatball?!?!?

how did Brandon do?????  Let’s see!!!!



wpid-20150305_214513.jpg wpid-20150305_214702.jpg wpid-20150305_214725.jpg

Yesss. I don’t know how I did it but I lost 3 lbs!!! Not gonna lie this month was rough. Found a lot of excuses to not go work out but I stayed strong on my diet/life style change. That being said I’m writing this as I slam my second helping of my mom’s pineapple cake that I have not had in i don’t know how long. London is asleep in the back room so excited to spend the weekend with grandma. We had an awesome ride out jamming to some Queen, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and even Aerosmith. #dadlife is awesome and I have all this new found confidence that comes with loosing weight!! If you haven’t tried it yet you shlould.


So proud of my hubby!  He has worked hard and grateful everyday that we are in this together!

well with a shitty February behind us, we are feeling super inspired to make March count!!!!  So what should I do first,  how about some yummy Brussel sprouts.  We always forget how much we love healthy foods and how good they make us feel!!


This is the first time in my life I have bounced back after a month of bad choices.  In the past that month would have turned into a bad year.  So that is success in itself!!! And it blows my mind that it is so easy to put the weight back on.  What takes 2 months to loose I can gain in 25 days!!!

I have another great idea!!! We should probably work out!! How about together???  It has really been a while since we were at the gym together.  Sandra was unavailable this week so I went and looked at our past workouts and  Sara and I went for it at the gym!!

wpid-img_20150305_085305.jpg wpid-20150305_081135.jpgwpid-20150305_081152.jpgwpid-20150305_081154.jpgwpid-20150305_081317.jpg wpid-20150305_081329.jpgwpid-20150305_084207.jpg


Ahhhhhh that felt gooood!!!



So happy to be working out with my bestie again!!!!! Giving March our all!!!!!


  1. So glad February is over! Here’s to March!!!!!!! Great job meatballs getting back on track!!!

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