Two Meatballs: I was just born this way!

i remember being one of the tallest kids in my 5th grade class.  And then every year after that I got shorter and shorter.  i never made it past 5 feet tall!!!!  I always liked being short, fun size, magical, adorable, and child like.  But it has proven to be a struggle my adult life while battling my weight loss.  Every single pound counts.  At my height 10lbs lost is incredible and at the same time gaining 5 lbs feels and looks like 10!!!  Wtf.    So even though my weight loss has slowed down,  I am reminded to still like myself and be grateful for the body I was given.  When I am loosing weight I feel so confident and sexy, but the longer I stay stagnant I start feeling unpleasant about my body.  How can  I change my mind set?!?!  I want to be powerful more often then not.  I feel best when I am at the gym, but more so when I get home and slam a huge glass of water and cool down in my sweaty clothes.




If i can’t be at the gym,  I am all over town with my little nugget.  So we went shopping and made wishes in a fountain.




And then we spent an hour in a toy store playing with everything.



And then hen we went to Samuel cole and London got her first official haircut!!



She  did so well, so we went out for a little bit of frozen yogurt.



It it was a great day,  Brandon came home from the gym, and then I went.



A totally balanced day, and it feels so good.  I wasn’t focused on my body all day long.  I want to live in the moment full of satisfaction knowing I will work later,  play took a first seat today, and that’s ok.


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