Two Meatballs: Bang Bang Into The Kitchennnnn!!!

Get it?! Hahahahahaha

You guys……We are back in the kitchen.  It has been so long.  We definitely need this to reconnect to our journey!!!!  And obvi……we don’t do well when we aren’t planning our meals.  So what’s on the paleo menu you ask……..a few things.   The more good foods that are around us, the less likely we are to fuck up.

Kicking old school with some Spagetti squash….Which i (jenny) usually hate!!!  I guess Im kind of  a noodle snob.   Well I have decided I rather be healthy, then a snob (my favorite MAC Lip) .  So yeah we are making spaghetti squash and MEATBALLS!   Best part, we did all of it in the crock pot!!


1 spaghetti squash cut in 1/2

Turkey Meatballs

1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce


Cut the squash in half, and face down in the crock pot,   put the meatballs and sauce around the squash and cook on high for 3 hours.  so easy!!!!!  Great,  when it is done, take the squash halves out and let them cool. Then take the noodles out with a fork.


Time for Bang Bang cauliflower!!!!!


And here we are making it happen!!

wpid-20150310_203810.jpg  wpid-20150310_204622.jpgwpid-20150310_204020.jpgwpid-20150310_205110.jpg wpid-20150310_205723.jpg      wpid-20150310_212340.jpg    wpid-20150310_211519.jpg                                                         wpid-20150310_213846.jpg

let me just say this is so delicious!!

Break time!!!!!  Lets have an evening coffee.

wpid-20150310_212828.jpgwpid-20150310_202015.jpg wpid-20150310_202009.jpgwpid-20150310_201956.jpg wpid-20150310_211202.jpgwpid-20150310_214534.jpgwpid-20150310_214525.jpg

lets get back to cooking!!  Egg salad…Egg salad….EGG SALAD!!!!!

wpid-2015-03-10-21.07.49.png.pngwpid-2015-03-10-21.08.17.png.png wpid-20150310_205119.jpgwpid-20150310_205142.jpgwpid-20150310_212748.jpg wpid-20150310_212815.jpgwpid-20150310_212858.jpgwpid-20150310_212947.jpgwpid-20150310_213527.jpg wpid-20150310_213901.jpg

Amazing!!!!!    How did we forget how much fun this way!!!!   Love you Sara… Glad we did this.  Try these recipes… so good!!!


  1. GREAT “episode”!!!! I also hate spaghetti squash! Too watery and NOTHING like “noodles”… I am however, completely addicted to zucchini noodles! Much more “noodle-like” and better nutritionally 😉

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