Two Meatballs: Sick day…….. womp womp.

My sweet little London is sooooo sick,  she has a fever and can barely sleep becuase she is so congested.   It is so sad when they are this sick,  they just want to sleep right on top of you.   If they could climb back inside of you, they would!!!!  Not to mention, Londons birthday is on Friday.  I desperately want her to be better by then.   london’s only dream for her birthday is pink cupcakes.  Aaaaahhhh. Yeah me too.  I haven’t changed that much,  the thought of over the top girly cupcakes is also my dream!  So I need to make sure I eat right this week, so I don’t feel so guilty come Saturday.  So I woke up with my sick girl and made us some paleo pancakes!!!!



I love ove these these things still!!! 1 banana, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of tapioca flour.  Cook them in coconut oil.  Remindsme of crepes!!

and then we watched a lot of tv!! In our pjs all day…..literally!!



And then we had a washing dishes lessons.



I wanted to make sure I had food to bring to work, so I put some pork in the slow cooker!’  This makes a lot of left overs.



Art art time!!!  I love having originals around the house, and it’s just fun!!!   The first was London s sweet feet!



and then  we made this masterpiece!!  London an I were cracking up.



london wanted spaggetti for lunch. Look at this sick kid!



So i love Tina Myles!!  She is the sweetest and most terrifying cat ever!  But I think she loves me most….I’m so flattered!!!  We are total snuggle buddies!!



I understand Taylor swift and her obsession with Meredith a little bit more now!!   Anyway it was the worst and best day ever!!  We had fun in the house.  And now she is passed out in bed, sleeping off her fever hopefully!!   She was a happy sick girl, there were moments today I had to remind her she was sick and could not go to the playground.  So sad!   I ate really well today,  hope the rest of the week goes smoothly!! Xoxo

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