Two Meatballs: And our powerful thighs!!

Thank you guys for all of your support!!!  Another weigh in is done!!!    Now let’s see how our third meatball BRANDON did?!?!!!

wpid-20150402_220607.jpgwpid-20150402_220619.jpg wpid-20150402_220601.jpgwpid-20150402_220633.jpg

A few words from Brandon……..

Ok so this month I could blame a lot of things for not going to the gym. Some legit……most not. My truck broke down. London brought home some crazy stomach bug that derailed three relatives and half the guys I work with. This month was a pain in the ass. But from the ashes rises glory. London turned three!!!! Say whaaaaat?!?!?!

We saw an awesome Disney magic show. Hung out with family and had a great time. I turned 31. Feels no different but inside I’m still like 14. I got the bike up and running great. Only after it broke down on my way to work at 645 am.

Anyway. I gained back 5lbs but i know it’s just temporary. The best part about all of this. Is that my daughter is starting to ask to eat healthy and says “are you going to the gym daddy?” I know these little seeds with grow and she won’t have to go through the same things I did. Anywho. I’m out till next month. Brandon.
PS: She asked to sit on it so I obliged.





So now that now that we have weighed iN,  on to April!!!!  So let’s start on a good note…with a workout with Sandra!!!!!   So I picked Sara up, and we were on the way!!!




And it was all about the legs today……and hours later, I’m really starting to feel it!!!

wpid-20150402_081913.jpgwpid-20150402_081915.jpg wpid-20150402_084938.jpgwpid-20150402_084955.jpg wpid-20150402_082804.jpgwpid-20150402_082920.jpgwpid-20150402_085030.jpg wpid-20150402_081838.jpgwpid-20150402_081845.jpg wpid-20150402_090215.jpgwpid-20150402_090232.jpg




if you need a trainer, Sandra Axeman is your woman!!! She is fantastic!!  We love you sandy!!!! Xoxo  thanks guys for a successful week!!  You make us want to be better!!!   Have a great weekend,  no chocolate bunnies for peeps for these girls !!




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