Two Meatballs: hi I’m Jenny and I am addicted to sugar.

I don’t know if I ever thought I really had an addiction problem.   But I’m starting to think I really have a problem.   Since February I have slowly drifted away from my tight healthy lifestyle.   I have started allowing more and more sugar into my life.  The more I have it the more I want it!   There was a time in this journey having the occasional dark chocolate treat was so decadent and special and appreciated.  I have let special occasions and daily stresses getthe best of me!!!  Bahhhhhhh, it doesn’t feel good!   I can see the sugar on more body!!!  This suuuucks!!!!  How has a food addiction creeped back into my life!!!!!!???  This  mind frame I am in reminds me of the way I felt exactly a year ago!! I’m feeling weak to the food, and it is a reminder that getting started is the hardest part.  I have not beaten this thing, not by a long shot!!   I need to remind myself, how much I deserve my health!!  Well with all this said, look at what I ate this Easter weekend.  And yes I say weekend.  I ate my way through Saturday, Sunday,and. Monday.  #dontjudge #feltsogood #didntfeelgoodatall #intervention?

So most days start really strong.  I always eat paleo meals and workout best in the am.  Well I did just that Easter morning!



Umm thank god I went because the rest of the day was food crazy.  This candy is all over my house, candy that I bought!!!  I did t even try to prepare fun treats!!!  I could have.  But I ate stuff like this all weekend. It was a high and total regret all at the same time.



Then we we ment to my moms house for the rest of the day with this excited girl!



And when we walked in, this crazy pizza thing was an appetizer?!?!!



And here was dinner,  lamp chops, scalloped potatoes, pea salad, carrot salad and deviled eggs.





And washed it all down with bunny cake!



It it was all delicious,  and yet I have a hard time allowing myself to enjoy it in the moment.    So then it was time to go home.



At this moment,  it was about 4:30pm and I thought, there is no way I could be hungry for the rest of the night.  Ahhhhh. Wrong!!!!!!!!!  I was anticipating the final season of Mad Men and got super ungry with all this build up AMC does!!  In my mind it just made sense to pair peeps and mad men together.



Sooooo I layed around and watched mad men from 7pm to 11pm.  Ahhhh love that show!!

Monday we spent the whole day outside running around. We had to, I was having major food regret.  We were at the park all day!!!



Between all the shitty food I ate, and trying to run around at the same time,  Im. Exhausted!!!!   Hopefully I can get to a good place soooooonnn!!! You guys will be the first to know!!! Xoxo see ya!!!


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