Two Meatballs: Rascal Phats!!!!

ok so Sara and I went to go see our good buddy Sandra!!!!  Couldn’t be happier to be in a a workout routine together again!    Everything is more fun together.   When we got to the gym, we saw on a board there seem to be some friendly competition going on.  There were about 20 teams, with team names.  rascal Phats was one of them and it has just stuck with me.   We’ll first things first ,  warm up on some treadmills.



Then we did a pretty long set of shoulds, triceps and biceps


More running!!



And an uphill walk



At this point I think Sara and I are able to gage what this workout is going to be like in the first 15mins.   We were already soooooo sweaty. Amazing and gross feeling all at the same time.

Kettle bell swings



And let the cuircut begin

wpid-20150507_084014.jpgwpid-20150507_084028.jpg wpid-20150507_084518.jpg wpid-20150507_084734.jpg


We felt so tired at the end……..butt soooo good and sweaty!!!!  At the end we don’t talk much, just kind of stare at each other while our heart rates go down.  We drink some water and as always get a final pic together



Great week!! Have a happy Mother’s Day xoxo

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