Two Meatballs: One happy Mama!!!

Hello!!!  This is the first year I truly felt part of the Mother’s Day club.  When London was younger we were  still getting use to the parent lifestyle.  And I sure as hell didn’t feel worthy to celebrate any motherly success…..I had just started!!!!  But London, like all the other kids made the handprint card at school.  I get chocked up anytime she makes things with her hands and feet prints.

We started Mother’s Day with my family.  We all got together for brunch at my moms house.  London is everyone’s little entertainer.  She makes us all dance around with her to……….wait for it…………frozen……shocker!!!  Yes, still!!  And I’ll love it forever, if she does!  My husband got me a new phone!!!! Thank god.   Between all the stuff we do on our phone, and trying to manage a blog, it was definetly starting to show its age!



I have no pics from brunch with my sweet mommy,  I didn’t know it at the time but my phone had already been donezo, and new one was ready to go!!    Have I mentioned how much I love my mom!!  She is my hero!!!!  One might say……….the wind beneath my wings!!  Love her.  And my hubby for my shiny new phone.

Brandon, London and I spent the whole day together shopping.  It was so fun!!!!  We are getting new floors put in this week so I got a little house decor happy!!!!    Just want to freshen things up a little!



This unoriginal gray.  It is such a calming color though!!!!

We also did a little home and garden project.



Im hoping these fresh herbs in my house will constantly motivate me to cook healthy, and flavorful meals!!!

Brandon made this moss thing.  I really like it!



And london wanted anything pink!  Done




It was was a great day!  Love you guys!   So our house is a disaster right now!  There is flooring packages everywhere!!!!



They em will be installed on Wednesday.  So basically I have to clean up and consolidate as much stuff as I can before they get there, so they are just moving furniture.  So today is the hottest, muggiest day of the year so far,  and my sister and I are cleaning my place like crazy people!  I know we are burning some calories, we were dripping in sweat!! #doestheACwork?

so we took a break from the cleaning and she helped me stage a few things in my house



At the end of the day I was starving!!! Which is a scary place to be when you are trying to lose weight.  So I decided to use my new herbs, and kept it really simple.  Steak and a tomato salad.  Soo good.  Tomato salad is my favorite thing in the summer.



Feeling like a cave woman!!!!



Great weekend!!   Ready to start this busy work week and cram everything in!!!!  Love my family more then they will ever know!!!




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