Two Meatballs: the family weekend!

Hellooooo!!!!   So Brandon and I started with a much needed date night.   We went to dinner as a family for some sushi.   We really got a boat of sashimi!!  It was amazing!!!    I could eat this everyday if it wasn’tfor the bill!!!   So clean!!! I’m obsessed.



London loves looking at sushi and talking about it, but has yet to try it.  So hibachi chicken for her it is!




Brandon’s mom, Alisa, was in town.  Such a fun grandma!!



It was great seeing her, since we all couldn’t be together last weekend for Mother’s Day.  London, grandma, and Brandon had been playing all day at, Got to be NC festival.  Alisa kindly offered to stay home that night with London while Brandon and I headed downtown for some much needed down time together.  we had a great night!



I was was just the right amount of tipsy!!!  My fav!  Omg look how cute we are!!!!!  ,

I woke the next morning around six with London with no hangover!!!!  Yessss.   I don’t drink much anymore,  just because of the fear of the mommy hangover.  It happened once, and it was a pretty shitty day, so I dogde that bullet when I can.  I woke feeling good, and ready to take on Raleigh ‘s artsplosure!!!   Local artist come together and display their work, there also food trucks and great activities for kids!!  We started with face painting!!! Londons’s favorite!



Brandon had already begun to sweat!!  Which sometimes makes him grumpy.  But I think all this working out he has done has really gotten him use to it!



Then we did some art under the trees!



Some people from Target were there with a table for kids to make necklaces and bracelets with a million beads.  These kids were I  heaven.  I don’t have any pictures of this crazy craft table because it was definetly a two man job and kids were going nuts looking for letters to spell there name out.  No time for pics,  I was hunting for an L.



It so fun to watch her work hard and pick out all the things she likes.  She was concentrating so hard while she made this necklace.   Loved it!!

then we walked the streets for the next 2 hours.



Live art/ street performers are my favorite!!! So cool.  We had so much fun this weekend.   We are all so tired!!!! Ready to sleep.  I love family weekends together. Love these two people soooo much!!!!!!xoxo lovies


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