Two Meatballs: Is Dick Cake Paleo…and Other Questions That Keep Me Up at Night?!?

This past weekend we celebrated the impending nuptials of sweet Anna Broome…Nanners if you will! You may remember her from such posts as Let’s Give em Pumpkin to talk about!  There are so many reasons to love Anna.  She is quirky and interesting and super low key.  She prefers a pants free life #soulmmates and loves Tim the Toolman Taylor and beauty bloggers.  She has a penchant for dark chocolate and a love for cats #catsofinstagram that is terrifying.  I think these memes (I don’t know if I’m using that term correctly bc I’m old #whatdoesfleekmean #whatdothekidslistentothesedays #trufflebuttermeanswhaaaaaat!?)


She is the single most interesting human!  So who came to the epic Bachelorette party?!  None other than Anna’s bff Anna Martin (part time Mermaid, full time Fabulous) and my super best buddy Katie!!!!!!  I love these girls and love doing this in our 30’s…it was the most low key night with no hangover and plenty of sleep!  Katie and Anna Martin came over to my house to decorate and then we scooped up the bride to be on the way to dinner at Sitti!!!!  Yum!


We had the yummiest dinner…I had the lamb chops and they were excellent and paleo as hale!


The conversation was great and it was awesome to catch up!  Katie, Anna B and I worked together at Hilker’s Dry Cleaners and have known each other for years…


and we always knew Anna through Anna but I can’t tell you the last time we were all together.  And the people watching in Sitti was amazing!  My adhd was in heaven with the set up in there….so much to look at!  Our waiter was awesome and super hot  and took a great pic of us all together in our glory!



Soooooooo much fun!  Then we came home for some good old fashioned fleshy orange dick cake!


It was Delish!  And Anna is so presh.  Then we opened some cute lingerie…


Then we got super duper comfy…



And watched a real Rom Com…Gone Girl….bahahahahahahaha, the least romantic, most opposite of a happy marriage movie EVER! But gahhhh do I love that movie!  Then we all passed the F out…y’all know I love a sleepover!  It was so great seeing everyone and hanging out! Anna, I can’t wait to watch you and Adam tie the knot!!!  You guys make me so happy!!!!  The next morning after Katie and I snuggled up all night #sleepoverswithyourbestie #thankgodforearplugs we got up early and she got ready to see her fam for Mothers Day and I actually got dressed and went to the gym!  Victory!!!!  I saw my adorable parents leaving as I was walking in.  This normally would have made me walk right back out with them but I went in and worked my ass off.  Then I grabbed some breakfast and enjoyed a solo breakfast outside at Whole Foods!


Soo good! And why do I ever forget how great it feels to eat healthy.  It is so challenging to make yourself a priority, but so totally worth it and I’m learning slowly but surely that it is not selfish in the least!  Mothers Day was lovely and healthy and full of family!



The weekend flew by but was spent with those that I love!  Katie, I love when you come home…everything is better…shopping at Target, getting ready together, snuggling…MOVE HOME PLEASE!


Then it was on to the work week!  I went on a hiring spree and it felt great!!!  Then Joelle and I pow wowed about the salon meeting.  I was super excited about my team builder this time.  We take a learning style format test that helps you understand how you learn and interact with others.  The premise is that you are a combination of the numbers 1-4.  The first time I took this test I was a 4213, then a  couple years later I was a 4231. We’ve talked about the numbers before!  I have always strongly identifies with 4’s!  We are creative, we lived outside of the box, it’s hard for us to conform…or follow rules.  We are so gd fun!  And we can be the biggest procrastinators EVER! So in preparation for this meeting I retook the test…and I am now a 3421.  Oh how I have changed!!!  It was shocking!  3’s are take charge leaders, do-ers, dependable, alphas who can be too blunt and critical.  But wait,  that all sounds familiar!  As my role has changed, I’ve had to change so this makes sense.  After everyone retook their test…we broke out into groups based on your most dominate number.  I was going to be breaking out with a new little family…I could hear my 4’s whooping it up and I just knew they were already drawing on their giant sticky note!  In our own groups we wrote down our strengths and weaknesses and then we presented!

The 1’s started out the presentations and came in strong!


Our 1’s are def the majority in the salon…the sweetest group of people ever.  They love peace and harmony.  they are emotion driven and people pleasers.  They are so pleasant!!!

Next, the 2’s!!!


These gals are driven and like order, structure, rules and avoid awkward at all costs!

Next was my new family…the 3’s!


This was a funny group bc we are all born leaders!  You could feel the power.

then the 4’s came up and entertained the hell out of everyone…say hello to your other meatball!


They did self portraits!!!!  I was so jealous!  Jenny and I have always been the same numbers. #bfff But I am going to embrace this shift and embrace my 3 in all aspects of my life.  I’m going to remain driven at work!  I’m still struggling to communicate effectively and I am still learning the ins and outs of management but I feel super empowered.  It’s so great to know and embrace that no matter our differences, everyone has strengths and everyone has things they need to work on…the ultimate equalizer! I love my team and salon family oh so much.  Then Wednesday morning I woke up bright and early to meet with the education team…i love a meeting and i adore these people!


(plus Libby and Carolyn!)  I am going be more patient with myself and allow for the fuck ups while learning!


I am going to 3 out at the gym and do it…Im going to find the love in the kitchen again!  It’s go time y’all!!!!!  Feeling so rejuvenated and super revived! Xoxo to all!


Also, in an effort to achieve more balance we are going to post three days a week!!!  Love y’all!




  1. Welcome to the club sis!!!
    3 days a week is big! Hope that helps you guys find some peace and balance!!
    And hopefully we can fall in love with the kitchen together at the beach next weekend!
    I love you!!

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