Two Meatballs: The Bee Wedding!!

heyyy!  Last Wednsday, the Smiths packed up and headed to San Diego California!!



Our ur good friends Sam and Taylor invited us to there wedding.  Sam is an old buddy of Brandon’s, from their open mic, band days!!  So fun. #ruckuspizza

and they asked if London would be a flower girl…….every little girls dream!!  She was so excited to have a job.  So we got up at 3 30 am and headed to Cali!!!  A five and a half hour flight!!!!!!   I was a little nervous about London,  that’s a really long trip.  So I made sure to have a bag full of exciting surprises!!  Haha nailed it!  She was a total peach.  We had a great flight .













We we were having a ball!

We arrived in San diego at 9 30 am.   So we had a whole day ahead of us…..or so we thought.  We ended up have a trouble at the car rental.  Brandon prepaid for it, and when we got there and they saw the condition of Brandon’s driver license,  which is almost split in two, they totally denied him and it was a big run around to then change it to me,  but it happened!!  Yay. I was the driver…yikes, watch out San diego. After all the crazy driving I needed some margaritas!!’ And London a chocoate milk.



We went a head and did a seal tour!!  You have seen these things….the bus turns into a boat.



wpid-20150603_171742.jpgwpid-20150603_165532.jpgwpid-20150603_170749.jpgwpid-20150603_170802.jpg wpid-20150603_170838.jpgwpid-20150603_164912_004.jpg


The the next day we did sea world!!!!  So fun !!!!!  I think London really loved it.



Next day was the rehearsal.  During this trip London developed a fear of public bathrooms, and has not pooped in 4 days!!!  On this day her stomach started to really hurt.  But she was a total champ and was great at the rehersal.



She was soooo good, we had to take her to her favorite thing in the whole world……a carousel.



wedding day!!!!!!.  I got up early and headed to the brides hotel to do her hair.   When I got back to the hotel London was in a lot of pain,  and begged her to use the potty!!!  She said no way,  I gotta keep it in.  We didn’t know what to do!!!!  She  finally came around and started pushing on the toilet and was screaming she was in so much pain.  So we made an a discsion and gave her a laxative.  I was freaking out, the wedding was only hours away.  I just imagined London shitting down the whole isle.  But she didn’t.  She was so excited and did a beautiful job.

wpid-20150606_163854.jpgwpid-20150606_161812.jpgwpid-20150606_164201.jpg wpid-20150606_163938.jpg


So cutttte!!!!  Cocktail hour time!!! And we had this beautiful view.

wpid-20150606_162832.jpgwpid-20150606_162829.jpgwpid-20150606_162826.jpg wpid-20150606_165830.jpgwpid-20150606_165852.jpgwpid-20150606_165822.jpg


And this is kind of where our trip ended.  London looked at me at this moment and said mommy we need to go back to the hotel….and with that, she broke out with the shit sweats.   I got her in the car, and back to the hotel.  Two minutes after walking in, she started screaming…I’m pooping my pants!!!! I ran her into the bathroom and pulled her pants down and out flew a mud pie!!!  Before I could see it ,  I slipped in it, and was covered.  London was screaming. She was horrified that I was covered in her poop.  At this point I was cracking up.  After it was all done she said,  mommy I feel better!!  Falling in her poop was worth her feeling better.  I have no pics of this,  and one day London will kill me for writing this.   But it was soooo funny!!!   And at 3 30 am, we were in our way home.  It was a really fun and chaotic trip!!!  But I’m so glad it happened..  Constantly making memories!!! Happy to be home and writing again!!! Xoxo

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  1. Oh my god I’m dying!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! London is going to hate you for life!!!! Bless her heart!! And yours!!!
    The pictures are beautiful! You are the most attractive family! Glad you’re home!

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