Two meatballs: Semi-charmed kind of life baby

settling back into life after our San diego trip feels good!!!  Oh but I forgot, back in March I got tickets tto dashboard confession, and third eye blind for Brandon’s birthday.   So it’s a date!!!  My mom was great and said she would take London for the night.  Which is probably exactly what we needed right about now.  I was completely stressed out from our trip, so just some time alone together would be great.  So I went to work and printed out our tickets.  #productiveworkday


And I even had some time to reconnect with my meatball!!  Oh how I missed thee!!!  Love seeing her face.



Sara and I are sure to have a date night soon!!!!  Any Brandon got off of work and we headed out to red hat amphitheater ,in downtown raleigh.  Neither one of us had been there before.

wpid-20150609_183237.jpg wpid-20150609_190705.jpg wpid-20150609_203259.jpg


It was an absolutely gorgeous evening.  And it just felt great to sit outside and take in everything around me.  We had been so go go, that just Sittig there in peace with our beers



And each other was was all we needed.  I think we were both so relaxed just looking at everything.  It was just what we needed, and I didn’t even know it.   Third eye blind was so popular when I was in 7th grade, so it was all kind of nostalgic.



This is such a great area for a venue



The band was ok,  and that was ok.  Just having a few hours to be out of our normal routine and taking a minute to just sit there and breath was great.  There was a warm breeze from a storm coming in, that just felt amazing.   Carefree!!!  That’s it.  Great date night.  Love you B.  Next time,  we will choose taylor swift!!!!

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