Two meatballs: Turnip for what?!?

These meatballs are cooking! Yay. I love when we are reconnected and doing things together!!! I’m feeling so much more powerful today then yesterday, and I have had two days of food and excercise success! Hold on……I’m just going to celebrate that for just a sec!!! After receiving all the support after my post yesterday, I feel so checked back in! Thank you so much!!! I was feeling so moved by your comments (Dana!!!!!!! Kindest words ever). I did a little diddy before we started slicing and dicing!!!


So fun!!  Any who….  Time to turn up the heat in here!!!!  So our first meal idea was this yummy sounding rutabaga risotto.  Umm. We could not figure out how to cut this thing up,  so we said the hell with that!!


So we decided to make  zucchini and turnip noodles, with leeks and mushrooms.  There is nothing I love more then the smell of garlic and and onions Sautéing.  For the full recipe you look on our Pinterest board, 6/15/15.

wpid-20150616_200239.jpg Garlic!!!!!!!!

wpid-20150616_195628.jpg  Slicing and dicing onions and leeks!   First time preparing leeks!!

wpid-20150616_200429.jpgMaking zoodles.

wpid-20150616_201757.jpg  wpid-20150616_201755.jpgUmmm yum

wpid-20150616_202359.jpgAdd some mush!

wpid-20150616_202446.jpg Garnish me!!!!  (Parsley)

and then we tore up a rotisserie chicken like cave women and tossed in with our zoodles.

wpid-20150616_202835.jpg Yuck!!!  And yet so delicious !!

wpid-20150616_203058.jpg   Taste test!!!!! wpid-20150616_203126.jpg  A little more seasoning please.

next was a squash and corn salad.

wpid-20150616_200136.jpg More olive oil.


wpid-20150616_202001.jpgWhile that heats up, let’s take a selfie!!!

wpid-20150616_202007.jpgwpid-20150616_202011.jpgDead face.

My fav

wpid-20150616_202147.jpgPut some lime on it.

wpid-20150616_202152.jpgJust a little bit of tang!!

wpid-20150616_202154.jpgSqueeze !!!!!

wpid-20150616_203012.jpgAmazing, simple and fast!   Cooking together is the best, can’t wait to eat it at work tomorrow!!   Cheers to failures and success!! See ya!!

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