Two Meatballs: my father..the meatball

So I meant to post this yesterday.   And I tried, but do you ever have one of those mornings that go to shit and everything is just a struggle?  I had so many task on my list, that needed to go smoothly, I just had to prioritize.  I couldn’t get the blog to post, so I had to move on.  And I thought about not posting all day!!!  It is so important to me and I couldn’t wait for the day to be over, and get back on track!!  so I’m moving on,, yay!!  So let’s try this again………….

Facebook and Instagram are the best on special days.  Especially this Father’s Day.  You get to see all the daddy love out there.   So being a good member of the Facebook community I had to show my husband some daddy love.  I made such a paleo breakfast that morning!  Eggs, bacon and lots of fruit!  A total crowd pleaser.  And then we went to the movie theater and saw Inside Out in 3D!!!!!  I love movies,  and i am always happy when it is a Pixar movie!!!  So stinking adorable. They have the best life lessons,  and I always end up crying!!!!


I love watching these two interact.  They have the weirdest conversations.  After the movie I went home and took a nap.  I’m such a mom in that way.  I am still not caught up on sleep and London is 3!!  When does that change?!?! So while I napped, those two went on a date to get some ice cream and came home with a new fish.



On saturday, while I was at work, I looked at my phone and received this text.

wpid-20150620_145607.jpg  #anotheronebitesthedust

next on the agenda,  take care of my sisters chickens while she out of town!!!  So I walked the mile to her house.   And I had instant regret after only a few feet.  I forgot how hot it is!!  Yuck.  And I wasn’t going to turn around.  So I was sweaty when I got there.



So I gave them fresh water and food. So simple.



They are are starting to get really big, and should be moving out to the coop any day now.  It was the most fun, kind of relaxing day!!!   Omg. I fort, I really miss my other meatball.   She gets to enjoy the beach with her amazing family.  yhe beards have the best time…  Can’t wait to see ya meatball.  Last week before weigh in!!!  I’ve been working hard and I know Sara been too, so it feels exciting again!!  Hope everyone got to enjoy all the fathers in their lives!!!   love you guys!



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